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Spare wheel cover delete

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September’s project 🥴

I am planning to delete the spare wheel cover and the plastic trim on the rear door.

i have just received the fibreglass replacement panels and I am waiting on delivery of the licence plate holder to go in the middle of the spare wheel.

two  questions for anyone who has done this.

1. what to do with the rear parking sensors? If you unplug the them do the other two still work or do all 4 need to be plugged in? 

2. is it a legal requirement to have the rear fog light?

IMG_5009.jpeg.90f4bf11df77637bb35f4728bb46189d.jpegthank you

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It’s taken a while to finish this project, my number plate mount got lost in shipment for a few weeks 





questioning my sanity with the wiring


after, still need to sort out the reverse sensors. Had to make a loom with plugs for the camera and number plate light so I can get the tyre off easy.

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1 hour ago, PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke said:

looks good mate. Im pretty keen to give it a try after seeing the end result!

Was pretty easy in the end, still need to relocate the parking sensors to the bumper, found if you unplug them the alarm goes off every time you put it in reverse, but if you leave them plugged in and taped together so the sensor are hard up against each other the alarm stops and the others still work 😂

nearly 11kg of weight removed from the rear door 😳

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