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Looking to buy Land Cruiser LC100 2003-6 model

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Hi guys, been a big fan of LC100, growing up in the uae since childhood, i have had a passion for this vehicle, i am looking at buying one between 2003 and 2006 and im looking for some legitimate leads. Good peeps out there please help. 

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Welcome to the forum @napsterboi !

The LC100 is indeed a fantastic 4x4. Do you have any preference for the 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder ?

There are also US spec models in this country, @Zedhas one and @Wade Pat2is building one :) 

I have no immediate leads but would recommend the regular places like Dubizzle, FB Marketplace, and other sites. Be prepared to spend a bit of money to get them back in good condition because many people have driven them into the ground with minimal to no maintenance.

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Thanks Fred, hi @napsterboi first decide whether you want Inline-6 or V8. For GCC specs only LC marked VXR and Lexus LX470 are V8s, the rest like GXR trim are Inline-6. Then the price, below is rough estimate for current market 2023:

1998-2002 : non-VVTi 4-speed (20,000-30,000dhs)

2002-2005: non-VVTi 5-speed (30,000-40,000dhs)

2006-2007: VVTi 5-speed (40,000-50,000dhs)

Yes cheapest to buy is when there's a firesale (someone selling cos he has to leave country) and worst time to buy is during November - April where people want to have campings & picnics in desert 😂

As for Leads, most use Facebook Marketplace now to post sales. You can also join the FB group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1086805135325785/?ref=share&mibextid=I6gGtw


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