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  1. I recently bought a used Cadillac Escalade. I want to know what to expect in terms of maintenance and repairs and what issues I could likely face. The transmission when dropping back to gear-one makes a clunk just before the vehicle stops. It’s very annoying. I have taken it to 2 people and am still stuck with the same problem. Anyone with a solution?
  2. Hey guys, i was reading through some do-it-yourself procedures with cars, cadillacs in particular and i was surprised to see what people are ready to do with their expensive cars... im sure that many of these do-it-yourself-s would have backfired. Would someone care to share some bad do-it-yourself experiences?
  3. I think you can fix it in a couple of simple steps and a sealant, get your hands on one. Ideally you need a thread-locker sealant.
  4. Can't say that it had big problems generally although i did read somewhere that it was the subject to mechanical and safety recalls more than once. I would have loved to own one. Its a sleek and attractive ride.
  5. You should start with pulling the fuel line to see if you are getting a constant fuel flow and then check the fuel filter. Next up is the pump. Keep an eye out for any leaks.
  6. Thanks abu for the information ... very easy to understand. So I should wait to hit 5000 kms to have my tires rotated this way? Do the mechanics over here even know about this procedure. Sorry if I come across as very naive but I really have never been a part of rotating my tires on any of my other cars... but I am being highly cautious with my new Cadillac CTS-V coupe.
  7. hiyaa I didn't know there was a particular pattern in which tires were rotated in? Something called modified X ? Can someone shed some light on it since someone just mentioned it in front of me and I knew nothing about it.
  8. never heard of a touch up paint but for starters you can search for a color chart online? Even though i think some rim colors are very close to tell them apart you may be able to grab a code or so of the close enough color and then you can go purchase one by yourself. Will the below be of any help? http://www.landmarkmfg.com/images_wheels/LANDMARK_WHEEL_Colors.jpg http://www.rotawheels.ca/images/rota_attack_wheels_colors.jpg
  9. Well if you have already reconnected the battery then there should be no issue there ... if you system is still blanked out then this is a problem out of your control ... you might need to take it in ... tough luck
  10. Hi guys, One of my friend's just test drove the new XTS and was raving about the Cue system in it where upto 10 bluetooth devices could be connected and accessed through this system. Who can tell me more about this system? Has anyone had a chance to use it?
  11. Another thought ... the SRX Crossover is their highest selling vehicle for the past few years so if I were you ... I would totally buy it for my wife. Mine on the weekends though.
  12. Hi ali! i think you are just a little late man. Cadillac discontinued the STS last year. It was the beast of our generation as its V8 engine equipped with double over head cam was just out of this world at that time. You could have gifted this one to yourself and btw I think coupes suit women better. Don't know why.
  13. Nice question ... here's what i think ....... ........ the cadillac SUV is a beast! (in a good way) Its one of the powerful machines ever invented. Whether its an ESV, EST or an Escalade ... this vehicle is absolutely beautiful. Lets put all the engine talk to a side because we all know it carries a big V8 engine creating 403 HP and 417 pound-feet of torque capable of pulling trailers weighing 8500 lbs! Fine we all know that many vehicles out there might do better in terms of engine and power but the interiors of this car are just mouth-watering. The escalade houses a spacious cabin and a seven seater with a tempting feature of cooling and heating the leather of the seats when required. Not to forget the amazing music system designed by Bose. Anyways ... just saying
  14. My car takes 2 starts to start my Escalade cadillac engine. i dont know why?
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