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  1. If you feel that the engine is heating and there is hising noise, it means cooling system is at fault. You need to check the cooling system in your engine properly
  2. What is Cylinder leakage test and what is this test required for?
  3. What things can one check for when going for the oil change?
  4. Can anyone tell me which cars are giving off toxic gases/fumes increasing the pollution in the car?
  5. Well, it’s really a tricky and sensitive job to sell your old car. I always take care of the following things when I want to sell my old car: No relatives Please: Let’s say, your car is 8 or more years old. So don’t sell your car to any of your friends or any relative. Because if in near future, if your car breaks down they will blame you for that as they may think that your car was severely damaged and you don’t tell them. So try to avoid such a thing. Avoid dealer: Try to sell your car on your own, rather than giving it to a dealer as the cost of selling will be way lower of a dealer than you sell it on your own. No, No, No, Don’t lie! If your car had any past issue, or claims, do inform the buyer interested in buying your car. Don’t hide if your car had an accident or anything. Tell them honestly about any major replacement as well. Online Scammers: try not to sell your car online as there are lots of scammers online. Sometimes the seller doesn’t get the money before him actually ship the car to the buyer. It’s really a risky business online, so try not to sell it online. Car condition: Before you sell your car, modify your car in a state that it looks nice and the buyer will be interested to buy your car. But modifying does mean hiding any huge issue in your car. As I said before, don’t hide to your buyer if there was any past accident in a car. So ya, I know these points. And also try to present him your insurance papers and claims if any. In that way, the buyer will know how much you are actually paying for your car insurance also.
  6. Hey. I bought new tires few days back. I can see some flat spots in there. What can i do now?
  7. It seems that the radiator is leaking. What can i do now?
  8. Hey people. Can anyone tell me how the air temperature sensors work?
  9. It’s weird, that there is no heat in my car. I am trying to ignite the engine, but there is not heat in the engine/car. Why is this so?
  10. well you may be right at your place, but somehow I was always treated nice by the customerservice department of Mazda and the dealer itself. Ya, i admit that there were lot of issues in my car but they always took the responsibility about the same and got my car fixed properly without any further issues. Sometimes i can understand that the dealers become really rude, but its because not everything isin their hand.
  11. MX 35, 2010 model: The engine seems to be over heated these days. I don’t have much time to go to a dealer to get it checked. So is it possible that I can somehow do something about this without going to the dealer?
  12. Can I fix the oil pan leak on itself? How?
  13. I am a proud owner of SRX 2010 model. I have no complaints from my car as it has better performance and fuel economy compared to same range of other SUV rivals. It has got classy interior and sporty ride which makes my ride smoother and faster. No complaints yet. Please share your reviews about the same car.
  14. Is chevrolet Astro used van good? My friend asked me a suggestion on which van go for as he needs to buy one for his commercial work. Can anyone tell me if 2007 is a good model to opt for?
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