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  1. @Ren13 you have given whole lot different meaning to this thread. Amazing find bro. Pictures speak louder than words, awesome
  2. Zinc-Air batteries

    Does anyone remember that era when we used to think electric transport will be the slowest due to power supply and now it become faster than petrol and diesel cars. Electric + solar way to charge would be an ideal combination, drive whole day for free in sunny countries like UAE.
  3. Carnity Car Clubs

    It's OK to get confuse, this club section focusing the smaller group of interest like BMW owners in UAE can join my below club to share the BMW love, that you can never get in BMW forum's that is focusing on problem sharing and solution finding on each and every specific car model. It's a very good move.
  4. Carnity Car Clubs

    This is awesome initiative and let me be first to open the BMW Club here. Will come back with suggestions (if any) in a short while.
  5. Yes, I have seen those beige color car nose covering on many saudi cars on szr.
  6. nice one, but you can add more cars and what you feel about them. I just list the cars quickly from top of my head. this list should grow overtime to hundreds of cars.......atleast
  7. Just for fun, want to create a list of car models with year assosciated with the experession that comes first in your mind. To start here my list is below BMW X6 - 2014-2017 - Over designed Nissan sunny 207 - I am very sad car Wrangler unlimited - chewing gum Nissan patrol - inch shy than hiace 14 seater Mustang ecoboast - wrong product delivery Land cruiser 16-17 - Toyota also copies tail light from Glohh Bentley Bentayaga - Result of an expensive research and thinking - Totally royal looks Keep adding guys, get creative and be honest
  8. barry how much those adjustable tints cost? they look very nice.
  9. how much you spend on parts and labor (separately), if i may ask?
  10. Thanks guys for your valuable tips, my friend is specifically looking for 4 door car with 5 seats as he has two kids and wife. This car should be mostly used on road and weekend on offroad but it should perform good for dune bashing and not just wadi crawler suv. My friend didnt like pajero, patrol and cruiser as they are way too common and he is looking for something less common ride to be little different. video above is really nice, tempt me to start offroad too.
  11. Posting this for my friend to help him choose and decide which one is all rounder and better for desert: Toyota FJ Cruiser or Nissan Xterra. He will be buying 2-4 years old used model (60-80k AED), so kindly advise accordingly. Thanks in advance guys, have a good day.
  12. With VAT being introduced round the corner, let's discuss any impact of VAT introduction on car industry in UAE. I am hearing lot of rumours of insurance being doubled, car maintenance will be tripled, used car and rent a car will be more expensive and what not crap on daily basis. Looking forward to hear something solid, concrete and fact based news or official proposal of possible impact of VAT in cars world.
  13. It's an arab world ancient or cultural mentality that selling your car means OMG you have gone poor to sell your car.....!!!! result in few hiding to save their image and other 90% follow blindly just like two antenna from G55 to yaris, corolla and even on some hiace buses.
  14. Pioneer sound system blip in high volume

    Try to use fader to full rear and front and then balance to switch full left and right to find out which one or two speakers are causing this blip. Once known go back to the shop and throw that speaker on his face as a fake product, as Pioneer is most successful audio range to get copied from fake suppliers. Do you remember seeing the Pioneer hologram logo on the box of speaker and head unit?
  15. While experiencing the hesitation, have you also experience any excessive smoke especially white smoke? When this happened car was overheating? Have you check the coolant level and color is fine? What I am suspecting is that car must have overheated while driving without coolant or less coolant and that resulted in sudden power loss. However once car engine overheat and head gasket leaks, it causes massive power loss, but on the contrary if head gasket leaks then it can never be fine again unless you open the engine head and change that damaged gasket. May be more experience technical guys can shed some more light.