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  1. With VAT being introduced round the corner, let's discuss any impact of VAT introduction on car industry in UAE. I am hearing lot of rumours of insurance being doubled, car maintenance will be tripled, used car and rent a car will be more expensive and what not crap on daily basis. Looking forward to hear something solid, concrete and fact based news or official proposal of possible impact of VAT in cars world.
  2. It's an arab world ancient or cultural mentality that selling your car means OMG you have gone poor to sell your car.....!!!! result in few hiding to save their image and other 90% follow blindly just like two antenna from G55 to yaris, corolla and even on some hiace buses.
  3. Try to use fader to full rear and front and then balance to switch full left and right to find out which one or two speakers are causing this blip. Once known go back to the shop and throw that speaker on his face as a fake product, as Pioneer is most successful audio range to get copied from fake suppliers. Do you remember seeing the Pioneer hologram logo on the box of speaker and head unit?
  4. While experiencing the hesitation, have you also experience any excessive smoke especially white smoke? When this happened car was overheating? Have you check the coolant level and color is fine? What I am suspecting is that car must have overheated while driving without coolant or less coolant and that resulted in sudden power loss. However once car engine overheat and head gasket leaks, it causes massive power loss, but on the contrary if head gasket leaks then it can never be fine again unless you open the engine head and change that damaged gasket. May be more experience technical guys can shed some more light.
  5. First things first bro: Car model? Car current kms? From how long you have this car? Car has service history? When and where last service done? Then we can help you further better
  6. best is to call previous owner/dealer and ask how he got it passed last year, use same paid wasta will be quicker and cheaper.
  7. All car dealer have big wasta here and pay enough bribe to get their car pass for first time and then second time onward RTA dont make much noise as it's in there system. Where as RTA has very high standard for you and me when we stick one sticker behind our car, they fail our car but let go the repair chasis for few hundred dhs.....!
  8. The only thing I like to add here is that vehicle built before 2005 has much better build quality than what afterwards. unfortunately today's built all vehicles are timed to fail soon after their warranty period so that car companies can make money and survive on parts (better) than selling new vehicles. With competitive auto market all across the world no car manufacturer has a choice to prefer the build quality and stay hungry and face company shut down. Many cars of the past has been discontinued due to the same factor that they bloody never fails and become loss for the mother company eventually.
  9. do you know you cant do video recording of anyone without their permission in uae?
  10. what are the best way to get rid of tail gater, something really nice and creative other than just saying move away. I mean for the scenario when you can't go above max speed limit and still people flash and tail gate you......! I get such folks on few mornings when Im doing 119 on the road of 100.
  11. Good luck to Land Rover for thinking rich brats who own LR gonna use this app ever and record and share data. There is no sharing in those rich guys dictionary. They can't even check their engine oil type as discussed in other thread lately, so expecting those guys to use such an awesome app is a total waste of APP. I wish Jeep, Toyota, Nissan must have come up with this then it would have been very nice. Thanks for sharing Rahim
  12. Just a thought, off course not as educated like above but make a visit to deira naif market and these shops sells and install everything on auiod expertise. They can actually advise you better based on what is available in local market and what can actually fit in your car.
  13. Very nice farewell you have given Rahim, I am sure Lancer soul will RIP. It's too sad to see good iconic cars going bye bye from car scene these days.
  14. I can't believe on this news that Mitsu is killing Lancer......! Unbelievable, although I don't like or hate Lancer but sursprise on Mitsu business strategy to decide to kill 4 decade old legend