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  1. Buy Honda civic or accord for a daily driver if you are on limited budget and dont want tons of headache, simple machin and sime way to fix them for maint
  2. This is a sad reality of today age that without realizeing what is personal andprivate vs what should be public information we closely keep going with the flow. Whatapp is for sharing personal friends and family private info - chat, pics, videos among the small circle than hosting a tech know how grop, hahahah Do you know that in India in one of the state govt forcing all whatsapp group admin to register their group with admin full details, so that they can hold admin if any whatsapp group is involved in hanky panky stuff and promote hate messaging for mass media
  3. That's a nice way to tell people to step out and bloody switch off their cars as when they feel the heat outside they will start switching off the engine while filling up. On the contrary, adding tire pressure paid service is very sensible move to help women or uneducated people on how to check tire pressure and save their tires bursting on highways, just pay 10 dh voila.
  4. amid

    Which is the best UAE car insurance

    Best car insurance in UAE is the one who offers a refund on pro-rata basis without customers begging for their money back. Other shady insurance will always come up with the excuse that after the first 3 or 4 months - no refunds, after using vehicle recovery - no refund and crap. I used roadside once last year and it was a smooth experience, can't rem the insurance name tbh. As per my experience, please avoid the cheapest insurance as they come up with zero value in case you met with an accident and HUGE excess in case of cheapest comprehensive insurance. It's better to spend 200 -500 dhs more and go with the best car insurance than the cheapest one. my two cents. as when you have an accident you are already traumatized and don't need other bloodsuckers around you to make your situation worst. Same 200-500 will look peanut in case of any claim and make you regret on that bad choice.
  5. This Iranian guy is just famous because of her sister appearance of few seconds in every video - real eye candy for folks seeing the curves and liking his video. Like you watch some commercials if models are hot and others you dont'
  6. amid

    bmw x5 hose pipe crack

    I agree to change all hose pipes which are of similar age and condition, means they are about to fail and burst any moment. You might not be this much lucky in next incident and you know how expensie BMW repairs are if you are a long time user.
  7. amid

    Reliable Jeep Service Center

    AAA are very good if you can afford them, alternatively 4x4 motors, offroad zone, and icon auto are also nice for Jeep related matters. One of my friends was very happy with them.
  8. amid

    Stars in user profile

    IPHONE X for five stars member......? I'll be happy with 8 even
  9. @Ren13 you have given whole lot different meaning to this thread. Amazing find bro. Pictures speak louder than words, awesome
  10. amid

    Zinc-Air batteries

    Does anyone remember that era when we used to think electric transport will be the slowest due to power supply and now it become faster than petrol and diesel cars. Electric + solar way to charge would be an ideal combination, drive whole day for free in sunny countries like UAE.
  11. amid

    Carnity Car Clubs

    It's OK to get confuse, this club section focusing the smaller group of interest like BMW owners in UAE can join my below club to share the BMW love, that you can never get in BMW forum's that is focusing on problem sharing and solution finding on each and every specific car model. It's a very good move.
  12. amid

    Carnity Car Clubs

    This is awesome initiative and let me be first to open the BMW Club here. Will come back with suggestions (if any) in a short while.
  13. Yes, I have seen those beige color car nose covering on many saudi cars on szr.
  14. nice one, but you can add more cars and what you feel about them. I just list the cars quickly from top of my head. this list should grow overtime to hundreds of cars.......atleast