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  1. i am waiting for the picture too please keep me in the loop as thinking of modifying my pickup too.
  2. I don't have Mondeo anymore, my wife had that in past. What type of mods you are thinking...?
  3. You can actually go to Technical Resources in Al Quoz area or Auto Zone in Rashidiya. These both workshop is pretty good in decent workmanship and not so expensive as compare to Al Tayer. Call and ask the estimate over the phone and then visit and see for yourself with amount of cars and work they have in hand, which one is better.
  4. Hi Aboo Ibrahem, sorry for your fines but i think you are starting a good trend to share the fines and mistake so that everyone can learn from it and make road more safer. I got speeding fine at 106km/h at 80 kmp road for 600 dhs, damn painful
  5. BTW two cm increase in width will not rub at all, theoretically and practically as well and 1-2 inch taller tires are always considered acceptable. In this case its 1.06 INCH taller than stock size. 245/ 65/R17 means 245*65% = 159.25 x 2 = 318.5 / 10 = 31.825 cm = 12.73 INCH + 17 = 29.73 INCH 265/ 65/R17 means 265*65% = 172.25 x 2 = 344.5 / 10 = 34.45 cm = 13.78 INCH + 17 = 30.78 INCH
  6. Ford F series like F150 etc and Raptor are very capable. Other 4x4 ok, but advisable not to regular offroad. Explorer and Expedition ok for ocassional desert run or bbq, but not every weekend dune bashing.
  7. was it the engine oil that leaked? if not then what was it?
  8. Get to the electrician as a basic check first to see if bulb is blown out? If not then check the indicator switch mechanism at steering wheel.
  9. AAA is in Rashidiya guys: 04 2858989
  10. You can use any company brake oil, but it should be DOT3 and from sealed container.
  11. Car needs a tune up, and service if needed. Also look into spark plug conditions while at it.
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