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  1. I used a huge cool box (metal reinforced to strap it) to store all stuff, but soon things outgrow and moved to layers and stack up style and then securing all with spider net. Almost double the stuff you can store and easy access to almost anything anytime than digging inside the box.
  2. If you stack up stuff nicely, you will be surprise how much stuff you can "safely" store in your boot. Looks like you haven't had a look at my SWB minuscule boot space. And I'm carrying this jack with 50 other items.
  3. Remember saving 100 - 200 dhs will equate to one time recovery if you need to pay from your pocket which is usually between 150-300 dhs depending on distance and inter-emirates. How much did you pay @Shamil recently?
  4. WOW, nice to meet you new 2020 Toyota Corolla, new styling looks quite exciting. Loved your engaging writing skill, humor, sarcasm and candy crush. Absolutely perfect.
  5. I don't have any claims since over 10 years and btw now all insurance claims are centralize and any insurance can track your claim history, but they don't openly say that. At the time I renewed Pajero, lowest I got was 1050 and RSA quoted me 1138 (just checked) so for 88 dhs extra I went with RSA for my convenience and other party convenience if I bang into someone. Car Insurance prices in UAE are very cyclic and it must have lowered now and that's why I asked Fuad to check their latest pricing.
  6. Yes Pirelli and Michelin both are good, you cant go wrong, just compare the prices before you buy. Al Nahda tire market in Sharjah will def offer better pricing than online alternates.
  7. Most of us here has a JZX 2 ton jack with swivel neck (150 dhs) from Dragon mart. Without swivel neck 130 dhs, swivel is better to reach and operate from any angle. Looks very similar to this image @Jas Gajaria I am not sure if money or weight is a concern but in both cases failure rate of 50% and above is sufficient to consider safer jacking option unless you bolt bottle jack base on a wide metal/wooden base.
  8. Of course you can ride a bicycle on dunes too, but its pretty tricky. PLEASE DON'T USE SCISSOR AND BOTTLE JACK IN SAND, if you love your car and limbs.
  9. Go through this first, if you still have any doubts, lets discuss. Thanks @Javier M
  10. Welcome back, how's diff doing now. So @Javier M are you going to accept 3K challenge to keep gas under 3K RPM
  11. I use it once every 6 months in all cars and I'm happy, I used every 2-3 months in beginning but haven't seen any noticeable gain after the initial use. If it was locally available product I wouldn't mind pouring every 2-3 months.
  12. It's not shitty, mine is very similar too to give 320 in mix. Might get 350 in highway. Try Redex fuel additive to bump up as that's a very good fuel system cleaner and only genuine product I found that decreases fuel consumption. Sadly not available in UAE. You can try from Canada and bring it along.
  13. What is your on road fuel mileage? Fuel Consumption in offroad is totally dependent on how much you push your car. I have swb, with 60 liter tank and crossed liwa few times with additional 20 litre Jerry can. For saving fuel in offroad, we generally advise everyone to switch to 2WD on flat track. Liwa is no different as it has few kms of patches of barren land where you can cover lot of distance in 2WD. Also if you are passing through moreeb do check adnoc fuel tanker as a temporary gas station, usually available in winter months little before and after Liwa challenge.
  14. I used Euro Gulf for bumper hole repair, they were good. RSA gave me 3 places and then I picked Euro based on their reviews. If it helps.
  15. Call the call center, they are very quick and you will get quote in a minute or two. I think I paid 1100 for my V6 Pajero earlier this year.
  16. Then tie the tow rope on both sides to make a cute pony
  17. Here's how you can remove the car paint scratches by yourself in few minutes, no matter how deep they are or how many they are. In our last off-road drive, while moving the dead tree to help someone it flipped on my Pajero bonnet and its dry branches spoiled the whole paintwork. It took me 1+1 hour in 2 days to achieve this result. I have never done such major car paint restoration job before but my bonnet was so badly destroyed that I had nothing to loose to try my hand first. Long ago, I used to polish all my cars once every year in winter, so I had those stuff lying around and thought of giving it a try before I drop the car for repaint - expensive and time consuming affair. I researched first on how to deal with deep scratches and then applied everything in layers. Here is the whole process for removing scratches from car paint Spray gun with water and 3-4 squirt of hand wash. Sprayed on entire bonnet generously with cotton towel and massaged the hood. Then used the scotch brite - fake one that has softer grit, as I compared both. You can also use 3000 grit sandpaper. I sprayed the soap water again and then started with gentle air touch scrubbing with fake scotch brite. Almost 20-25% scratches gone immediately, then applied very little scrubbing pressure on dark scratches and now they started to fade, but not gone. Got the "Formula 1 Scratch out" and added some water in the bottle to dilute it. Dip the fake scotch brite and rub the scratches gently - first in straight line manner and then in swirls - both have its own use and importance so you will kill less of clear coat in deeper scratches. Left the first coat to dry and then scrub with dry towel and tons of elbow grease and 50% scratches were gone. Now I was really motivated and excited to see the instant results. Repeated the same on deeper scratches and after second round 90% were gone and I slept happy with big ear to ear smile. Next day morning, went to get the daytime pictures and OMG half of the paint scratches were back, because when paint is fully dry the clear coat scratches comes back. So second day night, I took the "Formula 1 Carnuba Car Wax" and "black & decker waxer" to shake the hell out. Now for the second day I didn't used scotch brite and used a soft cloth to apply scratch out liquid and scrub nicely from my hand until it literally disappeared. Did that on all stubborn scratches and again almost 90% were gone. Idea here is to keep using scratch out liquid until the scratches disappear or close to disappearing and don't overdo in one attempt. As every time you leave scratch out to dry and scrub again it fades the scratches more. So have patience and keep on repeating the steps until you are happy. Last but not least the clear coat sealing that I literally scrubbed away so much that it might fade my paint soon. So got the carnuba wax on the damp applicator and applied generously on first round and let it dry for few minutes. Then use the waxer to polish the whole hood again and bring back to its shine and fixing almost 90% scratches. Done the second round of wax but this time used a very very thin layer of wax to apply by hand so that it can retain longer as oppose to thick layer, which was needed for initial sealing. After this thin layer dried, use the waxer again to polish and super happy with the smooth and silky feel and shine on my bruised hood. If you don't have waxer, it will take more of elbow grease and muscle and it's still perfectly achievable with little more time, that's it. And yes, I checked today morning and still 90% scratches are gone and only 10% left which are break in paint or faded very deep that will be noticeable with one feet distance. I can live with this much for now and will see what next I can do. Maybe next I was thinking of sourcing same paint to cover the paint crack and then apply clear coat can, but need a paint booth for that or any closed area where dust won't settle in clear coat. Let's see what happen and Ill keep updating the progress here. THINGS I USED
  18. Good luck @MATHEW FELEX I stopped trusting comparison sites soon after they boom here because everyone is in rat race to beat the price and cut solid corners on customer service. We buy insurance to have peace of mind than just filling documents for RTA renewal, and if that fails in time of need its pointless to save 50 or 100 dhs. I learned it hard way too. Check with your insurance about road side assistance and add to multi-emirates as you don't wanna get stuck in Sharjah workshop if you live in Al ain. This was the latest result of cutting corners since few years now. You will only face the surprise when you call recovery and he will say NO for inter-emirates drop off.
  19. Is that Srikumar......? Who started off-road with you on the first Carnity off-road drive and become a Marshal now........?
  20. Thanks @syedyaseer I have heard same from @Srikumar too that Oman insurance is good as he also has all his personal and commercial vehicles with them to get good rates. I always compare by myself than comparing sites between RSA and AXA premium and close on RSA since last 4-5 years. Btw, I forgot to mention for others, that this refund is on pro-rata basis that means you will get flat premium back for remaining months rather than their own slab system - which has weird percentage calculator that works in insurance company favor than the customer. I used this Insurance for 5 months 24 days and got the 6 months refund incl Vat. That's transparency.
  21. I have been using several car insurance in Dubai, since 2002 and based on my personal experience I found that RSA and AXA are one of the best car insurance that you can get in UAE. Lately RSA started offering highly competitive rates without compromising on their standards, so I highly recommend RSA. Here are the few things that I completely love about RSA Car Insurance: No headache roadside assistance without any Emirates clause or limitation. Offroad cover comes by default for all 4x4. Offroad cover does cover dunes and desert than road side loose gravel - 50 meter clause. Oman coverage also comes by default or on request without impacting the premium (at least in my case). Get a very good no-claim discount, that I don't find any other car insurance cheaper than RSA. Claim department works perfect - as I had one claim when someone hit my car. Repair job was of perfect quality - done by Eurogulf - good garage - bit time consuming though. Last but not least, once you cancel the insurance they refund remaining months without any drama. This time, RSA car insurance have exceeded my expectations for refund by far. When I sold my car recently I forgot to take the registration card copy. Tried to reach the new buyer since 4 days but he is not responding or willing to send me the new registration copy for some odd reasons. I explain the same to RSA and they send me a refund form and process the refund within 1 business day. Now, that's what I call an awesome customer service while taking money and while giving back money. Keep it up RSA, you guys are rock star.
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