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  1. Welcome aboard. Prado is indeed very good choice to have the best of both world. 2015 and 150k seems quite a high mileage for 4 years old, hope you price it accordingly as in cars mileage is more important than years. If its genuinely maintained on time on every service then it should be fine. JUST MAKE SURE TO CHECK SERVICE INTERVAL CAREFULLY. Be it Al futtaim or Dynatrade is fine as far as service has been done on time and not exceeding the service interval. I am emphasizing on this as many high mileage vehicle doesn't follow service interval properly and while selling they show the service stamp without km and date reading. So make sure you get the full breakdown of kms and date of every service.
  2. Eat half of what you use to eat before. Do some home floor exercise like squats, push ups, jump, jog and stairs.
  3. What an amazing use of technology. Really impressed.
  4. Well it's still a concept from DC. https://gulfnews.com/auto/news/indias-iconic-hindustan-ambassador-gets-ev-makeover-1.1586284622050
  5. Totally agree with @Rahimdad comment on check your warranty if car is still under warranty. @Frederic I hear you and know the reason why you feel this based on couple of news incident. Remember all those failed cruise control were stock OEM cruise control and not aftermarket. So if one in million failure chances are there, then they do exist whether it is OEM or aftermarket. However I totally agree that chance of failure maybe tad higher in aftermarket ones. But all after market parts has certain level of risk involved, but still everyone goes for it - knowingly or unknowingly. Installing aftermarket music system can cook the car in fire due to bad wiring job. Installing aftermarket theft control can leave owner stranded - happened with me. Installing bigger tires can cause strain on drive line and cause premature failure. Highly modifying the car engine can result in serious blast off (fire) or other component failure. Adding fan, gauge etc. can also cause small human error or product failure or faulty switch, wire, fuse can cause instant fire. Let alone aftermarket parts or modification, simple defer maintenance can kill your car in minutes. @Farooq Zeshaan see if you can afford the OEM cruise control stick from toyota, its better. Finding OEM from scrapyard is better than aftermarket, just make sure that scrappy remove that stick in front of you, as such electronics parts goes bad due to rough handling and dirty storage.
  6. Wow, so finally some dune bashing game comes out or this one is road game and you are trying offroad? Either ways, clarity, detailing, response and feedback has improved a lot. Wait for the real supercharged wrangler after the break. @Javier M is itching to test same whistling supercharger in sand soon.
  7. As per below video Yaris already have cruise control. If you meant to buy Yaris w/o cruise option and then adding it on, then it must be very easy as aftermarket kit need to add the cruise control stick (switch) on steering wheel with minimal efforts. Generally if any car comes with such option, then its easily doable than if that model never had that option. And don't worry about Toyota Advisors or Dynatrade as they are trained with NASA precision replies that any request 0.00001 mm left or right as per company standards = Not possible, not existing, not allowed, will create a ozone hole bigger.
  8. Due to current pandemic, car makers are shutting down the production line temporarily. Mitsubishi in Japan is the recent one to join the band wagon among several German automakers. https://www.autoindustriya.com/auto-industry-news/pandemic-forces-mitsubishi-motors-to-suspend-pajero-production.html
  9. Sitting at home for socially active lifestyle can be little challenging, but understanding the present situation - that's the best thing for all us now. What is the first thing you wish to do after the lockdown is over?
  10. Sorry I dont know any place in Shj, some other Shj resident might help. My advise is to put on recovery and take it to mechanic, because if this rattling is internal, it might be catastrophic if something snaps and hit timing component.
  11. Set up yesterday and printed the first bunch. Quality is not as crisp as inkjet, but totally acceptable (9 out of 10) if it delivers the same amount of claim print outs. Packed with all the ink and even 1 spare black bottle seems quite generous to get started.
  12. Are you in Dubai or Sharjah? I know two places in Dubai - al quoz (tad expensive) and ras al khor.
  13. Tried with AC on and off? Just to eliminate the AC compressor, pulley and belt. One less thing out of the equation. Also change your radiator cap as its leaking and leaving the rust or coolant mark. I hope you are not running on water, use Mitsubishi recommended coolant to inhibit rust on internal component.
  14. Really nice, good to see making the best use of lock down.
  15. This is the Rahimdad's viking rope diameter I took = 3.75 Inch.
  16. Just bought the Canon G3415 right now for 500 dhs, will test and see how it goes. As younger one has lot of home work now for print outs. First week batch had about 70+ prints.
  17. BECAUSE, if you exceed that speed with kinetic rope, you will either break the rope, shackle or tow point. And this point is never shared, publicized, and informed in any marketing promotion or off-road shops. I can check that, today.
  18. Hope this help, advice from Senior Sys Admin.
  19. They had Epson 3150 now.
  20. Thanks @Frederic I am in the same boat that uses inkjet print out very less like once in 2-3 months but ink dries up faster and I keep getting 50-75 dhs cartridges every few months. Im currently using Canon Pixma 5200, pretty solid all-in-one but hell thirsty. I myself was thinking of upgrading to B/W laser and checked that Samsung M2020 for 300 dhs, but delivery was also 2-4 weeks, seem something wrong with Amazon atm. In the meantime, lulu and carrefour sales guys perfectly brainwash me for this ink tank printer and as per my yesterday research, they seem to be good to try now. Launched in 2015, first retail printer came in 2017-2018 in UAE and all companies have had 4-5 upgrades so far. So it seems it is in stable technology mode with reasonable price tag. It might reduce by 10-20% more in next few years, but I don't see a big drop, as they cleverly need to sell inkjet more than inktank. So price gap in all technology must be maintained.
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