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  1. you are doing the same in hidden aggressive way u like that u are not smarter than me or better educated than me let people investigate what i am saying and what you are saying u taking about micro things in cylinder walls design and built.... oh again u pushed me to argue anyway there are tons of information available people can learn from it. i will not comment literally on what u said i told you i am not interested AT ALL in teaching or advising or showing my self as who know something and really i feel sorry to involve my self in this, i don't know why? i should expect that i will meet someone like u to damage my day. for u the forum may be something essential for me it is just a place to say high people there how are u. although i know how much knowledge and experience i have in industries and automation and i am just occasionally visitor to this site so i am not interested in disturbing anybody back again to what u have been doing and please excuse me.
  2. BARRY it sounds as u do not like engineers for some personal reason you have u can talk and show some respect without attacking me, i never mentioned my designation i mentioned it upon forum admin request just a few days ago i am not a technician who missed the engineering qualification and call himself engineer as thousands of people here. although your technical discussion is tricky mixing advantages with disadvantages of engine design and not clear depending on the fact that most of the forum members have no technical background that i will not discuss and elongate the time wasted already. anyway i am not found of posting and arguing but try to learn how to talk not enforce or mention your opinion loudly and aggressively even if u are the owner of this site i don't have to bear your attitude you hear me.
  3. may be this picture for engine block without liner fitted inside the cylinder the compression ring from its name can't pass any fluids/gases otherwise the compression shall be reduced and combustion gases with its high pressure crossing the ring pressurize the oil system with gases and we can expect the scenario,
  4. i think its effect is inside the combustion part of the cylinder { upper part) and the lubricant oil shall be on the cylinder wall under the compression rings so the lubrication oil still doing its job while using fuel system treatments.
  5. looks better than land cruiser, i like the sharp edges also it has jeep wrangler, defender and hummer H1 military spirit.
  6. ma7amad

    Seeking advice to purchase my off road vehicle

    don't go for med 90's and modern range rover unless you have your own garage at your home or large open parking in the desert to work freely in the car sure before that you should have mechanical and electrical background special scan tools dedicated for the specific model you own otherwise you will prematurely throw the car as many owners kill their cars.
  7. ma7amad

    Is cruise control bad for fuel mileage?

    cruise control usually used in high way in long driving with fixed throttle and fuel/air ratio so the engine management system shall optimize the consumption without any disturbance as long as we keep that condition even if we drive under the same condition (if there is no cruise control installed) with fixed throttle we can save a huge amount of fuel me my self i have noticed now as the roads for somehow clear of traffic jam at that time of the year so that really i save one extra trip than before 2 months ago in the same road the conclusion really high way driving saving fuel than city or low speed limit roads and the cruise control guarantees that.
  8. ma7amad

    Parking habits as per car brands

    ha ha any thing related to vehicles is her enemy (car forums, DIY in car, spare parts, wasting time in workshops....etc) so she will never come here, anyway most of time i am cooking the kids like what i invent in the kitchen but may be the original poster has correct notice as i am filling somehow difference in view when switching between the sedan and SUV also there are the human factor if i parked carelessly and left the car as it is i came back and wondering whom that idiot who parked the car like that.
  9. ma7amad

    Parking habits as per car brands

    agree with amitaj ladies parking badly even my wife (i believe they do it intentionally)...
  10. all famous brands and manufactures following high standard in car built most of replies was accurate in not given specific figures by years or mileage it is depend on you and the damn genius mechanic!!!
  11. ma7amad

    Best resale value car in UAE?

    thanks rahim i will contact them as i have minor oil leak i know how to fix it but the problem i have to drop the oil pan to remove the front cover just i receive the another car (front windshield broken) i will contact aqil.
  12. ma7amad

    Best resale value car in UAE?

    hi baraz i have seen many for a while but it is less available now u can still follow the used cars sale sites on the net sure someone shall offer it for sale someday in general that model is differs only in the interior and more intertainment and security but the engine,suspension and gearbox is the same the main problem with this car is the fuel consumption really is very bad, knowledge less mechanics whom made that bad repetition for this specific model.
  13. ma7amad

    Best resale value car in UAE?

    i remembered first used car auction i have visited 11 years ago, the vehicles for sale were circulating in view of all interested buyers what i have noticed that when toyota specially and other japanese brands come to the show many pepole go and check the car while when europe or american brand take its turn and came to the show i found myself and few persons were interested in buying that remarkable brands like me so the point is this is the market condition here actually i am happy with that as i can own the dream car at affordable price, sure not japanese car may be lexus or infiniti. (i am not reach).
  14. i used personal digital camera on dash many times one of them to record the rain as rare natural event in UAE. really i missed the camera a couple of months ago when something hit my windshield came from the car in front of me i chased the car until he stopped and call the police i think dash camera could help in such similar cases.
  15. is it a considerable evidence or prove of innocence during accidents i mean police or insurance companies could refer to it.
  16. ma7amad

    Slowpokes in left lane to be fined $500

    but how practically to do this you need to cover every inch of the road to be monitored by the system not in specific location where every road user knew about it like radar system which existing today everyone aware of its location and slow down or keep safe distance even some people suddenly slow down 20 or 10 km less than the speed limit thinking that their speedometer is not accurate by 20 km error imagine that!! just today some one left the 4th lane and jump to the 3rd lane where i was driving at 110 forcing me to slow down almost reach to 20 km and he continued at low speed didn't accelerate even the car in the lane where he was exceeded him i wondered why he did that if he was not in hurry, yesterday another one was at 80km/h in 2nd lane at mohd. bn zayd road i looked at him i found him concentrated looking forward and determined i gave him a horn he did not care i watched him by the rear mirror i saw all the driver leaving the lane left and right like aviation show!! every day i see many stories in my 150 to 180 km daily trip to my work location no time to tell those stories many of you knew and observed, so what is the technology can do with human mind he is beating the machine
  17. ma7amad

    Slowpokes in left lane to be fined $500

    i have just read this post right now although i commented about this slow driving on my first post!! every day i see this battle between the slow lazy drivers and the opponent is somebody just want to move at normal reasonable speed or even he want to over speed limit that is his responsibility and own wright may be he is in emergency or needs to hurry up sure he shall not hit the front cars if the road is not clear or there is traffic jam so my advice to everyone like to slow down than the speed limit ok go to the 3rd or 4th lane from the left and enjoy driving without any tension caused by somebody pushing u from behind believe me all road users will be relaxed and no violation and all satisfied without more traffic laws.
  18. ma7amad

    New traffic fines radar system in Dubai

    this my first post hi everybody! thanks for the information i was wondering what is the purpose of this system but it shall be effective if it is installed every 100 meter!!! i know it is impossible and what about the traffic jam i think the system shall exploded because of the repetitive capturing ha ha ha, for people who talk about the road violation or respecting the law you are correct but me my self i see daily people whom think that they are respecting the law don't give the road its wright slow speed the same like high speed has the same hazard and cause more accident at least who drive fast are more alert and most of cases are professional driver controlling their (exotic if any) powerful cars and know what they are doing (i am not one of them i am using the 2 nd lane ) but don't kill the traffic flow by low speed like 100km on the 2nd lane from the left and till me the speed limit is 120. no just use the 120 if the road is clear otherwise go with trucks lane, just every one use the speed limit that is ok also the most left lane should be left for the overtaking not for fixed 120 and i say if i am within the speed limit how i gave way to people who want to exceed. regarding the car capability all the cars designed to reach the speedometer limit its not exotic or economy puplic car issue.