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  1. Thank you for organizing such a great event team carnity. It was a pleasure to drive touching the whole UAE as a convoy. I felt the pleasure of long drive as well as the care of team when Gaurav bhai handed over the radio to me. It was fun and helpful at the same time. Regarding the pictures, I have shared whatever I took in the whatsapp group and unfortunately, I don't have it with me now. I had to format my phone due to some technical errors. I hope you can find my pictures in whatsapp group if you have not cleared it yet. I was expecting to meet you @Barry.
  2. I was super busy and i couldn't see this post earlier. Anyway I am super excited to see all of you. My friends asked me..."you are already driving 350-400km a day and are you crazy to drive on this super hot (holi)day again a 600km?" We dont have to explain our passion right? I just smiled 😀
  3. Dodge Durango offroad capabilities

    Thank you @Rahimdad bhai for such a detailed response. taking the vehicle to offroad means we have to be prepared for the maintenance. So it would always be better to go for the machines which are cheaper to maintain. The price tag was quite catchy as well as the looks, thanks to Gaurav bhai for the kind suggestion.
  4. Recently I have seen Dodge Durango 2001 model and I wish to know the offroad capabilities of the same.
  5. Probably my first offroad buddy would be a pathfinder. 2001-2004 model. Have a lot to learn from the masters @Rahimdad @Gaurav
  6. @Rahimdad exactly Rahim bhai. I was using the same moto assist. Anyway usage of the phone is a great distraction for drivers. I don't attend the calls if I can't pull over and I get a lot of complaints from my boss for not answering his calls
  7. Seeking advice to purchase my off road vehicle

    Superman suggested the 2001 model and i couldn't find one yet...most of them are 2003 and 2004. What are the main differences?