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  1. Superman suggested the 2001 model and i couldn't find one yet...most of them are 2003 and 2004. What are the main differences?
  2. With all the input i guess its better to choose either a pathfinder or a pajero swb.
  3. It will be a problem while doing the registration i guess. Also the police could catch us incase of an accident. Awaiting answers I also started driving manual since the age of 10 . Anyway I hope I can find one suitable 4x4.
  4. I never thought i would need manual license here. I regret now.
  5. That would a great miss then. I don't have manual license.
  6. Thank you for the correction @Barry & @desertdude
  7. Yeah I have heard a lot about the range rovers which is not so good. So if possible please do break the myths and misconceptions.
  8. Is the Jeep a good option when it comes to maintenance?
  9. Dear all, I have been following this group for the past 10 months and I was lucky enough to float over the sands of UAE with the great carnity team. Needless to say, I fell in love with the off roading. I was eagerly waiting to get my license and as I received it, the next step is to get myself a proper 4x4. Myself I am not a big technical geek when it comes to the automobile field and I am learning. About the car, it will be my first car as well. I really don't want to spend a lot of money on the car. (I will be having company car for the normal commute.) It would be the best if it comes under 10k. Please help me out here: Which are the possible options for me (brand, model etc)? What would be the average maintenance cost I would face? ( It differs with model to model and I am asking just to get an idea)? I guess the vehicle at this price would be a really old one and probably the odometer would have crossed 400k, would it be a correct choice? Thanks to team carnity once again
  10. thank you every one Dear Byju sir, it's Manu,
  11. Sorry if I am wrong...but will this reduce the effective ground clearance and cause the damage to the additional system in off road?
  12. Indeed Barry Thank you so much.
  13. Thanks a lot, Deepak ji.. That's the best appreciation ever.
  14. Can't express my happiness. Driving on the roads officially after the wait of 1.5 years. It was a long journey as it was from Sharjah. Anyway happy that I could pass all the tests in Ist try itself. Thank God.
  15. Thanks alot for the kind advices @shadow79 @desertdude @Rahimdad. I really haven't gone deep into the automobile technicalities before. There's a lot to learn. I'm sure that i can get answers here, gonna start my search here.