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  1. But dude! There are lot of Pathan's Parking over there. If you are not getting the building parking, then you can opt for Pathan parking. They take rental of every month and that's it, you are good to go.
  2. Few days back, my friend told me that in new model vehicles there is no need for any kind of tune-up. Is it really true? I mean why do have to people waste time and money if its not required. Please tell me if there is someone who agree with my friend?
  3. Well there are both. Big dents i thought anyways have to get it fixed by an expert. But for small dents, can youexplain me what exactly is hot n cool technique?
  4. What are battery ratings? I mean how to classify that?
  5. Spark knock is another word for detonation.
  6. Generally when there is no crank and no start, it means that there is either a problem with the battery or the starter. May be the car battery is dead or is not holding charge. The starter relay wiring can be another reason for it.
  7. Hey experts. Please share if anyone knows how to fill the dents. What type of dents is easy to fill and does not require much of a technique?
  8. Can anyone tell me how to check engine oil in Mazda 3, 2012 model?
  9. Hey peeps. Can anyone tell me if its possible to check the coolant mixture percentage? If yes, then how can we do the same?
  10. Why is there a clicking noise in the engine. And this is not the first time. there was a problem before with the timing chain that it got stretched and the clicking noise was coming. No idea, whats wrong this time. Any suggestions on whats wrong? I am really lazy to go a garage.
  11. thank for sharing guys. I am sure it will be helpful to everyone reading this forum.
  12. Hey guys. Please reply on which used auto parts are never Ok to buy. Sometimes many parts owners make fool of people and sell the used auto part which are expired or completely dead. So, to ignore the same, please discuss which auto parts one should never go for used one.
  13. Please share the features of your mazda car and whether was it a good choice for you or not and why? Honest opinions are highly appreciated
  14. hey guys. Please discuss on when to get the air filters of the car changed?
  15. One faces the starter problem in a car if the brushes are worn. Also, sometimes the field coils which are open also cause the starter problem.
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