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  1. Possible defect in the steering rack which is very expensive to replace. Probably best to leave it or try to recondition it.
  2. So thats good, Did you change the battery. It seems an electrical fault then. How does it drive on the long journeys from DXB to AD.
  3. Have had 4WD systems send the car into 'limp mode' i.e. they shut down to a crawl. Need to get it checked out.
  4. First you either have a 4.5 or a 4.8 Posche did not release a 4.2 TT Sen=cond it is pintless in AT. Need to shift in a manual box in the Turbo and remove the PASM. This will create all sorts of problems and a rewiring is necessary. Stick to big block american if you want burn outs.
  5. Use the best available coolant as the temperature s set to rise this year, Check your cooler and radiators for leaks. If you have a leakget it seen to ASAP rather than waiting.
  6. I assume you have a 928 or older model. Pulley for the air compressor is engaged and disengaged to the engine with the help of an electromagnetic clutch. I am not sure how they test this. It would seem obvious if it was not working as the compressor would not switch when you turned on the AC.
  7. Now we have 4. Need more enthsiasts.
  8. I payed 250 for alignment and balance in Sharah Front wheels. But this can be done at any petro station too by laser.
  9. Thanks Asmir. ARM are a very good and high class company, but on the expensive side (slightly). How do you know you need a new compartment. Maybe a gas refil. You will have to have a diagnosis first followed by pricing.
  10. I would advise to get a new pump original however some people use other german brands.
  11. You would never change the fuel tank, Maybe the filters. and pump
  12. Sounds good. Will do if i have questions. Thanks
  13. Help by starting with what porsche you have, year make and model. What transmission cables are broken? I know a few places that do porsche servicing.
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