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  1. Hi, Gaurav. No, I have not spoken to the car dealer.Also since the car is non-GCC don't know if they will support it. Bit still will give it a try.
  2. Swap meaning? Swap instrument cluster?What about the software?
  3. I just tried using the menu buttons on the steering wheel, other than that I haven't tried anything else.Is there any program or software that can change the Miles to KM.
  4. Hello, Barry. Yes, I tried with all the settings.
  5. Hi Guys, One more thing, as suggested by Barry above, my speedometer had both KM as well as Miles on the dial which is not a problem for me. I am talking about the reading which shows distance traveled. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PIC
  6. Thanks to all for the reply. Isn't there any programming for the cluster which can change it. What if I buy an instrument cluster which reads KM will it help and also do I have to reprogramme it?.
  7. Hi Gaurav, Does he do all electrical works including headlight works for cars.
  8. Hi, All. Good day. I have a Kia Optima 2012 and it is American Spec. The speedometer shows the unit of MILES for the car driven and I want to change to KM on the speedometer, can anyone please help me as to where & who can do this.? Appreciate your kind reply/help. Amar
  9. Hi Rahim, Thank you for the info.What will be the approx cost and where is the best place to foil a car. I believe no issued with RTA if I use the similar color of the car to foil it.
  10. Hi Rahim, What is foil a car?. Is it covering the car with plastic sheet.Is this really done.?
  11. Hi Guys, can anyone tell me what is the cost to plastic dip a car and which is best place in Dubai or Sharjah? Is it allowed by RTA and any problem during the renewal of car? I want to do this as you know that most of the people do not have the sense how to open a car door and they open in a way like not one but the whole family is entering through a single door thereby putting a scratch on the car panels.
  12. kmHi Rahim, Thank you for the info. Will check in the areas suggested by you and let you know the prices.
  13. Hi Rahim, Wow that was a quick response and thanks a lot for the same. I am looking out to replace my headlights (the full assembly) with the 2014/2015 assembly with 2 projector lamps which comes with day night running LED lights as my model of 2012 has one projector lamp and no d/n led lights.
  14. Hi Guys ,Please can you tell me where can I find accessories for Kia Optima other than showroom and reasonable price.For some mods.Mine is a 2012 KIA OPTIMA 2.4.