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  1. Hi Rahim, Thank you for the info.What will be the approx cost and where is the best place to foil a car. I believe no issued with RTA if I use the similar color of the car to foil it.
  2. Hi Rahim, What is foil a car?. Is it covering the car with plastic sheet.Is this really done.?
  3. Hi Guys, can anyone tell me what is the cost to plastic dip a car and which is best place in Dubai or Sharjah? Is it allowed by RTA and any problem during the renewal of car? I want to do this as you know that most of the people do not have the sense how to open a car door and they open in a way like not one but the whole family is entering through a single door thereby putting a scratch on the car panels.
  4. kmHi Rahim, Thank you for the info. Will check in the areas suggested by you and let you know the prices.
  5. Hi Rahim, Wow that was a quick response and thanks a lot for the same. I am looking out to replace my headlights (the full assembly) with the 2014/2015 assembly with 2 projector lamps which comes with day night running LED lights as my model of 2012 has one projector lamp and no d/n led lights.
  6. Hi Guys ,Please can you tell me where can I find accessories for Kia Optima other than showroom and reasonable price.For some mods.Mine is a 2012 KIA OPTIMA 2.4.
  7. Hi Ameen, What will be the price for painting(Fade or heat resistance esp from bonnet and roof due to extreme sunny condition) . After doing this I can do the paint protection right to make it shine or wet look. Rgds, Amar
  8. Thanks Rahim for the info. I will ask Barry.
  9. Hi Rahim, Can you advise me a link on the internet to get the service schedule for Pajero.
  10. Hi Rahim, Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I have the manual , but it does not mention the service scope for certain Kilometers. I tried searching the net for Service schedules but nothing found for my model (2010 Mitsubishi Pajero).
  11. Sure guys I will , I am sick of going to the small garages , wherein I have to tell them what to do. I am going call him today and plan a visit. Thanks guys for your support , this Forum is the best after searching for a long time I got this Car community. Thanks Carnity for creating this Community. Rgds Amar
  12. Thank's Barry, I will call you on the above contact No tomorrow.
  13. Hello, my name is Amar , can anyone help me for the below . I own a Mitsubishi Pajero and have bought it from the bank as a Secondhand car. After that, I did normal servicing of the car(oil change etc..) and also have replaced the shocks original from Mitsubishi.Now there is a rattle sound from the dashboard and it is annoying and it only rattles when the car is driven over the narrow speed breakers which are marked in yellow/orange colours like strips (mostly seen on the Deira roundabouts after passing Shindagha Tunnel). Does anyone have any suggestion for this above? My SUV is driven for 135,000 KM and is a 2010 full option model. Also, can anyone suggest me , as since I have bought the SUV as a second-hand car where can I service it? I mean I want a service centre other than Mitsubishi which can service the SUV as per the kilometres (like major service etc..) and also affordable, because the small Garages in Al Quoz/Quasis/Sharjah etc.. we have to tell them what to do and they do not know what has to be done after every service interval. Please do reply to my above questions. Will be thankful. Thanks Amar