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  1. It also can be from a bad alignment.
  2. Hi, I would like to know if i can keep the same shj plate number being under Ajman Student visa. Currently my car is under Dad's name (sharjah visa) due to insurance costs. And he's leaving UAE so can i have the same sharjah plate with my current visa? Does anyone know/have any information about this? Or will the procedures be just like when selling it to a different person?
  3. hey guys, please let me know if there's an extra seat in any of the cars that are going. Never been to liwa and sadly no 4x4 either
  4. hAwX

    windshield repair

    So i bought a set from souq to repair a year old windshield crack. Professionals say if its bigger than a 1dh coin, its not worth repairing. I still gave it a go because its already a year old (according the previous owner) and never became any bigger. It cost me 22dhs total from souq. And here is the result. I guess its better to drive with a smaller crack and personally i think its worth it. With the same kit, i repaired 2 other windshields of an avalon and a patrol. Worked very very well on the avalon (looked like nothing happend) as the damage was significantly smaller. For the patrol the result was better than my altima's Its been about 2 months since i done it and the 'crack' is still the same and not getting any bigger
  5. Hi there... When i bought the car i didn't notice it. The sound gradually started became noticeable after a normal oil change at fasttrack adnoc. It was resolved temporarily by adding like 2 bottles of smallest sized liquimoly lifter additive and a very high viscosity engine oil (garage people told me we have to change oil to normal once the sound is gone and they chose their cheapest oil without telling me). I guess they chose 20w50 or something.. it must be there in the thread i don't correctly remember. So i did 3 engine oil changes in less than 3000km and you must be well aware fully synthetic oil changes aren't cheap... So it went away after 2 weeks of oil change. I changed the oil again to normal one i use after driving it for around 2000km.. after like a month the sound came back only noticeable when you hear it by giving 100% concentration with open bonnet otherwise it sounded totally stock. This was a problem when i was trying to sell the car.. eventually i found out my car wasn't originally 80k km but over 200k km cuz japan import 😂 So i stopped caring about. About a month later the car got cancelled (wrecked and total loss) from someone who run a red light. Many people told me it's an exhaust leak. But since it's my car and i can hear how it sounds, i was sure that wasn't the issue. Well anyway to resolve that issue even after adding the lifter additive, i guess its a labour intensive job. People from all the garages i visited told me sell the car because they can give any guarantee that the sound will go. (some of them were german specialists) Hearing the sound for a little during cold starts are fine. It went away back to incognito after a second for me. I dont beileve the lifter additive worked , i guess it just went away with time.. but you can try it out though! no harm, After all its a lifter additive 😁🤙🏻 i hope it goes away in your case so there's a reason for me to believe it works
  6. i got to know its the same fixed rate of AED 2625 that they charge
  7. I had a chinese brand battery in my mercedes. used the car for 2 years and sold it. Surprisingly it had the same health level as the day i got it. Im not even sure if we get that battery here cuz that kinda name it had. japan import lolol SAME story with my qashqai
  8. Same! though I think AED1100 for just 'fine' wasn't fair. It must be just for the AC! try turning it off and wait for 2-3 minutes, you must notice the fan turning off/reduction in the loud noise it makes..It might sound louder than the car its just fine.. At first even i thought something was wrong with my car but figured out for free from the internet.
  9. Rich Rebuilds channel in Youtube.. Great one for those who are interested in tesla rebuild projects. His first running tesla only cost him 6500usd and i think 6 months of time
  10. True that it's not reliable.. But the technology is amazing. The thrust you feel when it accelerates is out of this world. I have been in a p100d 2 weeks ago and I loved it at the same time hate it for being electric... and its cool to see one silently floating by! Their customer service is so good that they give higher model loaner cars to those who are having problems - with their car and is being serviced. (you could have a used 85d and still get a p100d from either model x or s. So you will be wishing for tesla taking their maximum time available to repair while enjoying their top end car xD based on reviews and what customers said) Meanwhile, the only manufacturer that doesn't give any support/info/parts for DIY repairs *big thumbs down* after watching this video, i have a new pov towards tesla as well
  11. only changed the AC delco battery once in the qashqai.. All other times, got lucky as it dies within the warranty period.. 2nd last time it died 3 days before the warranty ends! therefore I love AC Delco x)
  12. My Qashqai with a GTR engine with all the other goodies including the interior... There's one or two out there already in the wild. Aim:- 1300-1500hp Engine tuned to its max, upgraded and strengthened cylinder blocks, Garett gt30 turbos, Carillo pistons and connecting rods, wild camshafts and even Bugatti Veyron's fuel pumps, Custom GTR styled body kit, Full Eibach roll cage, KW Coilover suspension, catless straight pipes... good thing that dreaming is free of cost lol And as the weekend cruiser the famous poster car for literally anyone who loved supercars - Murcielago! but it's best :- 2010 LP670, Grigio Telesto paint, OEM black Hermera wheels, 6-speed manual, RWD converted, Brake callipers and SV livery in Arancio (orange) and iPE exhaust omg.
  13. minimum passport validity required for visa is 3 months or 6 months?
  14. car's steering getting a bit tougher is normal wear and tear, right? I can experience a clear difference when the car used to be new and as of now... @Barry in this case what all to look for to bring it back to a smooth and soft feel?
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