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  1. Thank you Frederic (this is Pascal, replying with Mahmut's account - my subscription expired). Nice picture. I will definitely miss these adventures in the sand and will keep wonderful memories from our trips
  2. Hello, posting on behalf of a friend (Pascal), selling his Nissan Patrol Platinum, 2017 model due to departure. See attached pdf for more details. Car is visible in Abu Dhabi, Mangrove village. Phone / Whataspp: Pascal, +971 50 449 3992 Patrol_post2r.pdf
  3. Great, thanks. I am happy to be part of Carnity and looking forward to move forward on off-road driving.
  4. Nice capturing my flying experience @frederic demolder and thanks @Islam Soliman @DP1011 wishes, we are all ok. Good lesson learn for me to keep tires on ground for future rides. Looking forward for next one.
  5. Thanks for feedback @Sunil Mathew and it was great ride leading with @Islam Soliman rest of the team. Great learning day for me. Looks like tyre pressure and driver stressed the car and gave some fever.
  6. @Sunil Mathew thanks for nice feedback, I really enjoyed ride following @Vanessa8580and @nathen@Nathan. It was great experience and looking forward for next ride.
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