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  1. @GauravBhai great time out and get togather for Carnity. Plz advise meeting point.
  2. Dear all, Received call by Honda service center to change Airbag for Accord 2009,10,11 and 12. if anyone have that, plz contact your nearby Honda service center for appointment. Free: Air bag change, 14 points check.
  3. Well i’m regularly used 10w-20 in my Accord 2010. worked very efficiently, no engine noice. around 5 months back changed tyres 17’ 225 a bit more width for road grip. Can easily take filter right upto 80KPH.
  4. @Gaurav Bhai, thanks for posting a family get togather in a fantastic weather. will sure come on time with family and join you guyz. 😎
  5. sorry for late comments. that was an awesome journey at the last spot (curtesy @RahimdadBhai) we actually saw Sir Baniyas Island, the mountains looks like old jurassic park movie😎. it's a beautiful spot with the ocean both side. mouth watering idly and a magical drink by Rahim Bhai. At the last we can never gonna forget A Shisha with Kiwi & ATF flavor. well it's a long story behind ATF flaovor 😂😂. we can share this story on next drive with other Carnity members. Thank you all to support me specially @GauravBhai for pulling out my Accord from sand with his skills.
  6. until

    Guyz i'm all set for tommorow's drive. My Check List. 1: Vehicle upto date. 2: Radio WT fully charged. 3: LED torch fully charged. 4: Sun screen/block. 5: Shisha 😎 and snacks. 6: Chicken Dum Briyani for Carnity members. 7: Camera and all. Im soo excited to explore this coastal area, looking forward to see you all at meeting point. Thank you @GauravBhai for your support to make this trip ignite.
  7. until
    Dear all CARNITY members, It is my very first time to showcase a unique road trip on western coast line of United Arab Emirates toward Tarif on Ghuwaifat national highway in Abu Dhabi. I got this idea to introduce this trip on Carnity when some of my colleagues randomly explore that location. Description: its 2 hr 43 min drive, 265 KM from Jebel Ali as per below map. (Area - Qareen Al Aish). Attractions: Turtles, Sea Snakes, Octopus, Crabs, Water Dams, Mangroves, different type of beaches, Palm tree farms and much more. Its actually a man made island as per (Image 2) and only a tiny road is linked to the final spot at the end. Draw Back: There is no street lights on internal roads, so the best time to experience this place is in a day light and evening or with outdoor lights. Level of Drive: All types of vehicles can reach to the final spot, also there is few white sand beaches where only 4X4 can go through. There is plenty of spot where we can clicks some mesmerizing pictures for our Carnity group and keep our photo gallery healthy enough. According to me, I think we should explore this area in a big numbers group to create an another milestone trip for Carnity. This trip will offer great opportunity for photographers - be it oceanic, beach or night photography. This trip will offer great day for family fun with kids on secluded island and beach side bbq, shisha and get together. When: 2nd Sep 2017 Meeting time: 02:00 PM Drive starts: 2:15 PM (SHARP) Where: Last Emarat fuel station on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) going towards Abu Dhabi. GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/tFwuWre1SUM2 Level of drive: On-road drive (all cars and drivers are welcome) What to bring along: Food, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm. List of Participant: @Abdul Basit Khan (055-9635217) @Gaurav Bhai (050-5258706) @Sidshk (055-1627637) @Ren13 @Richard Mellish (050-1819256) @Rahimdad (050-6749099)
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