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  1. Ah, yes! That totally fixed it! No annoying alarms and all the right lights are now burning on the dash. Many thanks @hossein, @Barry and @Frederic Nuyttens!
  2. Yes; let me show you: First photo shows the diagram with the ABS highlighted. second one shows the actuak fuses. third one the dashboard with the fuse pulled. No ABS indicator, just the ‘something is wrong with your brakes, or parking brake is engaged’-light. Plus the you-forgot-your-seatbelt-like alarm. any idea what i’m doing wrong guys? I’m probably doing something wrong.
  3. I’m driving a 2013 3.5L v6 Pajero. That switch-idea looks great; going to give that a try, as soon as I fix the repeating-alarm-that-goes-off-when-ai-pull-the-ABS-fuse-problem Is there any danger in pulling every fuse one by one btw, just to see what gets deactivated? I wouldn’t drive it; just look at the dashboard alerts.
  4. That’s what I was wondering as well, but it’s the one indicated on the diagram, plus the ABS does in fact not work (I tried).
  5. Hi all, does anyone know how to turn off the alarm -beeps on a Pajero, when you pull out the ABS-fuse (useful when offroading)? Also, interestingly (or maybe I’m doing it wrong): the ABS warning light doesn’t go on when I pull the fuse; just brake-alarm light that also indicates the parking brake being engaged.
  6. Thanks! I actually had a pretty good shot of you coming down Fossil Rock, but unfortunately it was a bit too dark by then and it didn’t capture well. Next time!
  7. Thanks for the drive yesterday guys! A special thank you to Gaurav for the great tips during our several refusals, and a big thanks to everyone for their patience through them I've uploaded some drone photos and clips; I wanted to get some of the moving convoy, but that was difficult to do without asking everyone to stop, get the drone out, film, then stop again to get the drone back . See you all next time!
  8. had to compress (and scale down resolution) to allow for uploading to the forum
  9. had to compress (and scale down resolution) to allow for uploading to the forum
  10. Panda82


    We were losing the light, so it's a bit of a dark photo unfortunately
  11. Looking forward to it guys! Would it be possible to borrow a radio from someone, by any chance? I’ll bring along a drone as my way to say thanks
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