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  1. Thanks Gaurav bhai for your loverly comment and keep us safe through out the drive and I learn a lot with this drive it’s a mix drive to boost our confidence from Fewbie to intermediate in some extent,thanks to noor as a second lead. This experience give us more boost & confidence for upcoming drives. Thanks faizan Thanks to skumar bro and emvarlet
  2. Dear Gaurav. how are you. As I will reach at 1:30 would be fine Coz of prayer ? Plz suggest
  3. @Rahimdad Plz suggest where is have to cut my prado bumper any suggestion ? Model 2013
  4. Well said totally agree with above post! Off roading it’s all about your driving skills & technics few drivers learn very quickly and few driver were taking lot of time to learn these skills more imp factor is to keep learning from your seniors driver and marshals how they do it!
  5. Dear Gaurav I am really sorry for Tomorrow drive as I couldn’t able to join you guys for tomorrow have some emergency & I am not sure I will be joining you on time or not if I finish my work before 01 then for sure i am IN! Enjoy your drive have fun! 😊😊 join you in next drive!
  6. Great drive, thanks SKumar Rahimdad,Gaurav & Atif bhai for organising it. Looking forward for the next drive.
  7. Dear admin You are on Whatspp or telegram ? So easy to communicate for all group member ?
  8. I am driving prado V6. I done almost 4-5 drives. But still new
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