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  1. @Javier M unfortunately i won’t be able to make it this friday! Hope you have a great time!
  2. Ohh can’t wait!! Missed you guys and missed the sand! See you this weekend!
  3. Would have loved to join but unfortunately have some prior commitments on thurs evening! Next drive inshalah! Have a blast!
  4. Guys it was a great trip!! Thanks @Emmanuel for the excellent lead and @Javier M for the great sweep!! Looking forward for midweek ramadan drives with you guys! :) @Frederic @G.huz
  5. A great drive as usual! Loved the VIP convoy :) Looking forward for more drives together! Thanks @Srikumar and @Javier M
  6. @Srikumar Yes iI got the AOR snatch strap as recommended and my towing points are are set! :) Did’t get the soft shackles yet but the ones I have are rated. If i get a chance to pass by before the drive and get them I will for sure.
  7. One more car to go! Haha @G.huz @Frederic let’s go! @Emmanuel find a solution! haha
  8. Would have loved to join guys! Unfortunately work commitments on Friday! Have a blast and enjoy the sand!
  9. Thanks everyone for the great support and great drives! Looking forward for more awesome drives with Carnity!!
  10. amir.rophail


  11. Thanks @Gaurav and @Frederic!! As usual a great drive with a lot of learning points for all of us! Looking forward for our next one soon!
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