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  1. Sajith Kumar

    Newbie drive - 4 Jan 2019

    Gentlemen, Good day. Hope all is well. It was my first experience offroading in the desert and I super-loved it. I would like to thank all of you for being such amazing instructors and for the warm, friendly company. And I completely agree with what the marshalls said, as a Newbie I should spend more time getting the smaller details right before aiming too big. ;). It was an absolute thrill riding with you all. I will return for more I had a couple of questions id like to ask, please help me with the same. 1. The motorola walkie talkie- could you let me know the model name/number for the correct piece, please. 2. Whats the most important thing I should do post a desert outing- other than the re-infaltion that is.. Should I get my brake pads cleaned post every ride? 3. Any reference (shop no/ name, etc) for the outlets in Dragon Mart that sell the basic kits- Flag pole, Pole suction fitter etc. 4. Was this the last newbie drive? If yes could I still join in for the Fewbie Drives for experience, ofcourse progressing as per Marshall's instruction on taking on incremental challenges?
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