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  1. I have full faith on that!! Thanks for Sharing such valuable information.
  2. Hi, For sake of information and curiosity, I wish to get your expert opinion / guidance on off road side assistance service. As we know, for driving on road, road side assistance service is available. But for off road drive, off road assistance is available too? I don't know. Seeking your guidance / expert advise!! Thanks.
  3. Great efforts. If during your conversation, any FJ familiar garage noticed, pl share.
  4. @Gaurav @Asif Hussain Pl see one of the screenshot I found. May be useful to others too.
  5. I am thankful for your feedback... Also, while taking reverse, behind the car view is not clear & reverse camera is not effective so. especially while taking reverse on dune, due to its typical design, it is not friendly or confident view. Do you have any good suggestion / expert opinion on this too..
  6. Are stick-on convex mirrors worthful for FJ to get rid from blindspot problem. Pl give your expert opinion...
  7. Good to know. Thanks for your guidance
  8. @Brette spraying water onto the engine
  9. @Rahimdad thanks for clarity. In few cases, i came to know that old models bought on cheaper rates having accident history and hidden surprise expense, which were known after buying and few drives. Is it possible to avoid such instances?
  10. Good and interesting topic. What pros and cons someone should keep in mind before buying these old models?
  11. Many fuel stations offering manual wash including spray on bonnet too. I don't know, is it safe to do or not? Please give your expert advise / comment!!
  12. Its great to see the platform given by CARNITY of combination of diversity, self discipline & unity when drives together!!
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