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  1. I went during summer. But temperature once climb up was pleasant. Lots of wind and beautiful scenery. I think, you can visit place as your convenience. I went there first time and alone. I would recommend to drive carefully and during day time only. Your car with lower gear will be a good advantage while drive downward slope. Its good place for trekking as well.
  2. Hello Ashok, Sorry for late reply. Google map will take you till the bottom of the Wadi Sena. Once you will reach there, you may not find any indicator for Wadi Sena. It's better to approach local resident for starting point just nearby google point. I hope you went to wadi's before. Since, it’s not all tarmac may require typical off road experience at the time of climb and back. You should have good engine to support you especially while coming back. Pl avoid to drive in early morning or evening. It is very beautiful point once reach and this is best time as well. No washroom, groceries, basic amenities once reach top. Pl bring water, food etc. Once reach, very beautiful Mother Nature throughout drive till Wadi Seder. if you want, any further details, pl let me know.
  3. May be: till reaching top seems nice, afterwards while side sloping, in absence of enough speed and efforts to fight with gravity cause this happened. He could have been move his steering wheel towards left /gravity to help his car move towards gravity & avoid such incidents!!
  4. [Content from - https://m.khaleejtimes.com/uae/abu-dhabi/abu-dhabi-toll-cant-register-no-problem-do-this-instead] The Integrated Transport Centre of Abu Dhabi on Thursday clarified that unregistered vehicles will not be fined if they pass through the toll gates during non-peak hours. Earlier this week, the department announced that a toll of Dh4 will be charged only during peak hours of 7am to 9am, and 5pm to 7pm, and vehicles passing through the gates during any other time of the day won't have to pay tolls. Prior to that, it had been announced that a toll of Dh2 would be charged during non-peak hours. According to the Al Ittihad newspaper, the department has said that vehicles that haven't registered for the toll system won't be fined for passing through the toll gates during off-peak hours. All vehicles passing through the toll gates during peak hours have to be mandatorily registered on the ITC website. Registration costs Dh100, of which Dh50 is transferred back to the motorist's account for toll charges. So if you live in any other emirate apart from Abu Dhabi and are unable to register your vehicle for the toll, it's best you avoid passing through the gates during peak hours. The toll gates came into operation earlier this year, but toll charges come into effect only from January 2, 2020 onwards.
  5. @Rahimdad bhai. Thanks for your concern and guidance. Well noted. But I can only see combination of low acceleration before roll over and not turning steering wheel towards downside and breaking in soft sand. For rest, I will observe expert views here curiously!!
  6. @Rahimdad Okay, i will see expert comments to get more on this!!
  7. may be: "he slow down on top on side slope, sudden braking and did not move steering wheel towards gravity...."
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