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  1. @Rahimdad I won't be able to carry on my drive streak, I can't join this week nor the next. Enjoy it, have fun and drive safe! See you in 3 weeks
  2. @shadow79 thanks ! I'll go shopping this week then.
  3. @Barry I appreciate the honest answer!
  4. @Barry thanks for the detailed answers. Any recommended or tested place for the "repair" option?
  5. @Rahimdad thanks for pinging the experts. @Gaurav ok, I will get on my phone in the morning!
  6. Hello, I've had my power steering fail during my last drive in the desert yesterday! (I should have stuck to flying - less damage to the car 😂). I went to see two garages today and I got the same diagnostic - the power steering pump is dead. I was given two options to fix the issue : Replace the whole pump assembly: between 2500-3000aed including labor! (seems very very expensive !!) Repair the pump itself: between 800 to 1500aed... Any thoughts? Where can I check the price of parts online? Would repairing the pump be a good option? Or is it a "high risk" job and it would fail again? Any recommended garage to go to and do this for a fair price? In the meantime, I'm gonna grow some muscles 😅
  7. Thanks again @Rahimdad and @Srikumar. It was great fun and I learned a lot, especially that I have still had to learn much more 🤣. It's always a big pleasure to drive with you guys, it's a wonderful break from the city and the stress of the week! @AKR showed us his real side by going completely badass with no exhaust - hope you managed to get it fixed. @yogic72 these moments are really great with your son, I'm sure he will remember them fondly as a young adult and even later.
  8. Congrats @Srikumar, well deserved and it was great being there when it was announced! As everyone already said, I've also always appreciated your help, patience, and willingness to share your experience with the rest of us!
  9. @Rahimdad @Gaurav @Srikumar @Emmanuel Always a pleasure to drive with all of you! It's a wonderful thing to see the member grow and see new people joining and learning like @AKR. Special thanks to all the guys who helped me with the tire situation at the start and sorry for delaying the convoy! @Fuad & all, I hope that this "jump" would be the last, as I wish to keep my car good enough to follow you each friday Special thanks for @Rahimdad for the great write-ups after each drive, it's great to relive the morning on the forum
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