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  1. This is a sweet deal i believe these come with a 5yr warranty .. Too bad i recently bought vitaly for almost same price...
  2. a lot of retailer can bypass pin (just press enter when pin screen pop's up) and the transaction goes thru. Most retailers ask for pin as they do not want individuals to contact banks and void/stop a transaction after purchase.
  3. My 2008 3.7 Cherokee gives about 6.5KMPL combined highway and City. (excluding the desert drives)
  4. Seeing these videos makes me realize how quickly things can go wrong and one needs to be very agile, my take from this would be to listen, learn and react quickly.
  5. I agree Specially with the cars in UAE one would want to unleash the horses. Not this way tough
  6. and both are exclusively exhaustive !
  7. my favorite is the one where they push the Jimny...
  8. and u inspire others to trust its true capabilities
  9. i like this approach...letting the rubber solve the rubbing issue.
  10. Top 4 in My list -> offroading with carnity has to be on top of the list. (sacrified thursday eve plans ) Cars and motorikes have been a very strong influence even while i was growing up, miss riding motorbike here getting a licence is major pain..... ->Table Tennis and Squash are sports i love to play, have been playing both for almost 18 years . P.S Cricket is religion and not a hobby -> Mountain biking at fewbie level here . have done green and blue trails at MTB hatta mountain trail . choice of Bike is K2 -> Gaming, both mobile gaming and console gaming ( current playing mobile legends and pubg on mobile and uncharted 4 on PS all time favorite game is god of war)
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