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  1. both share same platform and both being mopar brands share a lot of parts. Nitro is a bit longer and wider than kk
  2. @rohan Happy to share my honest review abt Liberty KK (08-12) Currently running stock 3.7 V6 engine.2.5" Rough Country leveling kit. 1.5" Yita spacers but had to remove it as it was causing running issue. 265/70 R17 Dunlop Grandtrex. I have trimmed almost 40%-50% of my front bumper and somewhat similar on the rear one. be prepared to trim the front bumper for fewbie and upwards the stock will break a 100%, for sure. rest everything is stock on my jeep I have be able to handle almost every challenge the dunes had to offer. Initially had an O2 sensor issue and was lacking power but once replaced it has been an absolute beast this is a very common problems with these models . Never had any major issues the engine and transmission is solid even after putting 280K kms on my jeep. i am happy with the overall build. I don't want to say more and jinx it have recently put bigger tyres and need to see how it plays out . Having put these Kms my jeep it is now a hybrib " It burns Oil and Gas" @Srikumar Approach and breakover angles are a bit less when compared to others and you will need to lift it and trim it. once done there will be no issues KK suspension gives good affroad capability and a very comfortable on road experience. Maintenance is not expensive you just to know the right place to get your stuff. eg 6ltr mopar 10k oil is 100aed . overall i would say its not the best but its best for me. it offers good Box looks and decent offroad capabilities you can find 2010 under 100k kms for 15k aed Have been using it for offroading almost 1 1/2 yr and loving it ,would not trade it for anything else.
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