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  1. Hi Sri, my daily commute is a 2014 hyundai sonata and i am happy with its performance... It gives me 13 kmpl and the car is cheap to maintain. Sleek design is an added bonus.
  2. @Rahimdad it was a epic 12 hr drive, night drive is all together a diff game, unlimited fun.
  3. U guys are awesome.. U guys fixed the silencer like real pro.. reached home without any trouble.. Goona soon get it welded... Edouard hope the steering issue got sorted.. Thanks @[email protected] @[email protected]
  4. @syedyaseer worried and watchful of the Front bumper and also of the flying wrangler at the rear.... 😉
  5. Thanks for the advise @Gaurav, i will have to get another 4mm bash plate to protect the current bash plate. Its like college all over again. 😉
  6. @Asif Hussain the low hanging radiator is inside a frame attached to the chasis. I have got 2 brackets installed to give extra rigidity in case of a hard impact.. But i think ur right will get a couple more to be 100% sure. @desertdude the front grill in Cherokee is fairly easy to remove and have left some gap between the plate and raditor to service it.. With this the acess to radiator is from front and top.. Guys I am sharing a pic of radiator without plate. Pls advise if it i hv taken a correct descision . Your advise is valuable
  7. I recently signed up for a newbie drive with carnity and throughly loved it had a blast. Later decided to do it often hence required to make a few changes to my cherokee kk as the front bumper is extremely low. Got feedback from the seasoned carnity offroaders and decided to not get lifts as this affects the overall ride quality. The next option was to get the extra plastics cutoff and get a bash plate installed. I din want to go for a high end job but a basic one to protect the raidator. A budget of 500 was set for the job Found a fabricator in sharjah got a 4mm plate installed with fitting by welding in 300 aed . This included cutting the bumper, installing the plate and painting it. Jazeerat Delma turning shop sharjah 0502216822 Will be putting it through a test soon...will keep u guys updated
  8. The detailed briefing at the start of drive by @Gaurav and @Rahimdad has a big impact on learning. I cannot thank enough gaurav, rahimdad, @Emmanuel, @Srikumar, @edouard for patitence u guys show during refusals and stucks specially in the new drives.
  9. Awesome video... This shld go on YouTube....
  10. Thanks everyone.... @Srikumar got the bash plate done today... Ride is ready to hit the dunes... @Emmanuel
  11. Thanks Gaurav & Frederick , it been my pleasure driving with carinty. Finally i hv found something that can get me out of bed early friday morning.... 😉 Cheers!!! Also my cherokee has lost all the extra fat. Just in time for the next level of challenges. Pic below
  12. Thanks gaurav and sri We gonna need these for upcoming night drives....
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