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  1. Great Job . Looks brand new. Your are good at sewing ... A very useful skill
  2. Maybe we can ask Sri to hold the speaker close to his ears....:-), But i get what ur saying ...
  3. A buddy of mine is using a JBL HARMAN Bluetooth speaker fixed in this Cherokee for AED 300. Diff idea but solves every bit of purpose.
  4. Good that you called out these unethical car dealers. I was offered 40% less on agreed price over phone when visited. Completely denying the earlier conversation... Absolute waste of time....
  5. Thanks @Srikumar for the wonderful relaxed morning drive and for the thriling second half.. Thanks @Rahimdad, @Gaurav, @Srikumar, @Fredericfor making this sport that we all love safer for everyone.. U guys make sure that everyone ends their drive with a smile. @tjsingh, @Roshan Abraham, @Syed Ahmed Welcome to the carnity family...
  6. Congrats @Gaurav. Thats an achievement for carnity team. Congrats all. I am wondering Who r the 7% people voting angry...
  7. I used GAIA and found the UI fairly simply no so much with motion X ..not sure if this is only me ...
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