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  1. Hi @Chaitanya D Im driving a Jeep Liberty with front and back recovery points in good condition. I tried a few weeks back the Absolute Newbie drive but was not able to complete it due to a tire puncture. Bad Luck. Tires are ready now for this weekend, looking forward to join the drive and complete it this time.
  2. Thanks @Frederic ! I just saw Srikumar reply. I will try to get the tires as soon as possible to keep joining the drives.
  3. Hi @Srikumar Thanks for the drive yesterday, was really fun. I am looking to buy the new tires for the Cherokee just a quick question, the current measure is 235/75/R16 just want to check with you if that is the right measure to get the new tires or do you suggest a different measure?
  4. Hi All, No prior experience. Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Year. - Jeep Cherokee 2009 Do you have any prior off-road experience? - No Prior Experience Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets - Yes
  5. Hello @AKR, I'm driving a Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) 2009, Stock. 140K KM on the clock. Today I went to my first newbie drive today, unfortunately I got stuck a couple of times on just a few minutes after starting the drive.It feels like lackig of power and getting stuck easily. @Srikumar mentioned that you had similar issues on your car, Anything else apart from replacing the O2 sensor you did to fix the issue on your car? Hope you can share some light here, I really feel bad today to not be able to complete the drive. Thanks! Carlos
  6. Hi @Srikumar 1. Which 4x4 do you drive? -- Jeep Cherokee 2009 2. Confirm your vehicle has a front and rear tow hook -- Yes 3. Do you have any previous offroading experience? -- No previous experience For your first offroad adventure, please bring along a deflator and pressure gauge. -- OK
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