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  1. sure. But as the video suggest, a little TLC can be done. By removing the bolt and cleaning up the spring etc, and changing the o-ring. Just need a bit of assistance... Anyone in abu dhabi willing?
  2. Hello @Gaurav i hope you are well. Just i can take a video of the noise etc, but I have already taken it to my mechanic who pointed out exactly what was wrong, and assured my my braking system is fine. It was only after this i decided to see if there was a solution for the noise, which is how i found FJC video. Although i am not 100% sure, I believe the principle would be the same as what the video suggests in terms of cleaning, but it would be great to be accompanied by someone with more experience under the hood... and with tools.
  3. Hello all i have been hearing a squeaking noise coming from the brakes on my pajero. Turns out it’s a squeaking noise coming from the brake booster system. the good news is, is that it doesn’t affect the breaking system in any way. But if I wanted it to stop squeaking, then it would cost a lot to replace the assembly system. i did see some video on a simple fix on how to stop the noise on an FJ cruiser. I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar with a Pajero? Also, I don’t really have any tools etc, so would there be anyone in Abu Dhabi, willing to help me with the above?
  4. A bit of an update on this. It has been 10 days since i got my car regassed, and until now it is still blowing cool air. Could there still be a possibility there is a leak?
  5. The lights started blinking as soon as I collected it (but not continuously) but after a few hours and until now, they have stopped. I still have cool air blowing. what could this mean?
  6. I took it to the garage and had the AC inspected and re gassed. They couldnt find a leak in the engine and after the regassing it now works again. However there is a chance it could have been leaking from the motor under the dashboard, but i opted not to have that check due to the labor charge. If the AC goes again within the next few days then the leak must be coming from under dashboard. After i picked up the car, the lights did start to blink for a bit where @Fuadmentioned. but have stopped. @Fuad can you explain what this could mean?
  7. Hello All Ive noticed that the AC on my Pajero has stopped cooling and is also making a whistling noise. Can anybody suggest what might be wrong and if there is a simple fix? If not, can anyone recommend an AC technician in Abu Dhabi. Thanks Lewis
  8. Thanks guys! We were too busy being scared to film the good bits so the video makes the drive less exciting. But there will be more! cant wait to come. Thank you all for your kind help. It is truly amazing when people put time and effort into something they are passionate about.
  9. LewisCocks90


  10. Thanks! 2F2382FD-EBCA-4145-8A57-E32AB377A3CC.MP4
  11. Excellent drive today! Thanks for having me and being so welcome to an absolute newbie! Definitely will be coming back for my 2nd drive soon! i will share our photos and videos soon
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