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  1. Done and agreed, walking away from the car. Thanks Lawrence, this is what exactly ran through my mind and made me think twice. You guys are the best πŸ‘, still keeping a look out for another car preferably an off-road version as advised. Just one question, do we have any trusted mechanic in house where i can take my next car there for him to check? Appreciate all your feedback and comments.
  2. Arsalan Ehsan

    Arsalan Ehsan

  3. So an update on the car I have found another car, its a 2011 GCC specs with off-road (Diff lock), Surprisingly the guy has purchased the car back in 4th April 2021 and is selling now, the story is that he has got the loan approved from Al Futtaim for an FJ cruiser and hence is selling the xterra. I drove the car it is was smooth with adequate pick and drive, the body had some visible scratches and one right side tail light is slightly broken. The car has 130k KM on the dash and he had recently changed the radiator the complaint was that it was getting heated so the garage guy had
  4. Thanks Gaurav, for the feedback. Yes, i can definitely wait and see what deals come out have been monitoring dubizzle and other classified for last 4 weeks now, lol. I agree, i need to take it to a mechanic but which one don't know, hence the easy solution for buyers like me is Tasjeel. Is there a trusted garage that anyone can recommend, i also feel the charges for Tasjeel is an overkill 400+πŸ˜“πŸ˜₯ There are non GCC variant which are offroad versions, is that something i should look into? Or stick with GCC only? I had xterra, pathfinder the old shape one 2006 or 2007 versions or pr
  5. Hi everyone, Looks like i have decided finally that i will get an Xterra but don't want to spend much on it, something around the budget of 20K only. So i have shortlisted one car it is a 2008 gcc asking price is 18k, driven to about 198k km till now. There are others as well but the basic options and offroad version is somewhat around 28 or 29k which is too much in my opinion as i am only getting this to fuel my offroad desires 😎 and if i feel i have graduated after a year and need to go next level then whats the worst this car can sell at may be 15k not much of a depreciation left
  6. I think there is something called a mubaya or online sales agreement valid for 30 days, it is like a possession letter but doesn't give a number plate the vehicle remains under the name of the new buyer. There is also a VIP service currently where RTA is sending the inspector to the location and getting all the paper work done not tried yet, may be the other team member would have experienced it.
  7. Yes, that's exactly the plan. But have to keep an eye out, so not to miss a good deal.
  8. Hello everyone, I have been for a while with mall openings and new regulations and couldn't find the time to respond back been busy at work from home. A quick update on prado, i had really thought about it and eventually decided what @Gaurav you have said and thought about it long term. I understand that the offer is great right now but given the uncertainty the time holds right now it is not worth the risk. I would pay extra 15K when i have a peace of mind with it. So i have turndown the decision to purchase it. I truly appreciate the feedback that everyone has put forward and
  9. Well guys, thank you for your support on helping me finalize the car. I gave a real good thought and had a realization moment where i though about everything discussed above and the examples you have given. Discussed it with my wife just to see the other side of the coin. TBH, i am satisfied with my Accord till now and will try to squeeze the last mile from the beauty till it gives up on me 😁. I have clocked 270k on it . No issues till now whatsoever. The only reason for me looking for the 4x4 was to venture into the off-road and develop this as a past time/hobby. I had a soft corner
  10. Well I never seen so much of kids channel in my entire childhood. Moreover, my wife and me had been playing "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" along with Baby shark 🦈. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the kids have definitely learned body parts 🀭
  11. Yes, this was the point. I have managed to pull him down to this price down, i don't think he will come down any further. The guy is immigrating to UK with his family, wife and kids have already flown almost 6 months ago, he stayed back to put his ducks in order. So one of the reason for him selling is because he is immigrating to UK. Just had a call with him again in the afternoon, he was planning to submit the resign at his workplace next week and wanted to finanlize the deal. To be honest, i have driven accord for the last 5 years and have changed its consumables only till now along wi
  12. Thank you Frederic. Looking forward to meeting the whole Club πŸ˜€ Thank you Gaurav for the advice. The guy is a banker and bought the car for his family and for driving from A to B point. He was referred to me by my younger brother who is a brother in law of his friend, wow risthay 🀯. So that dependability is there of some sort. He as never driving the car off road and has kept the beauty in good shape, its a 150 years edition without sunroof. I have asked to share the book so i can check if the car was serviced as per the intervals or not. I have also sent an email to Dyn
  13. Hello All, I hope everyone is doing good and trying to make the best of this lockdown. I am an Absolute Newbie, have passion to drive on and offroad. Evertime I had a question around cars my best friend google would bring me here ☺️ really helpful. Have been in Dubai for the last 5 years. I don't own a 4x4 yet, was planning to in Dec but the deal didn't finalize, currently driving a Honda Accord so 4x4 will be a completely new thing for me and i wanted to do it right hence the reason i have come here to the expert for guidance ☺️ and a great start for offroad experiences.
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