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  1. Hey Mate, Your car looks cool, exactly what I am looking for mine as well. WhatsApp'ng you as well to know more about the bumper and the bash plate. Thanks a million in advance.
  2. Done and agreed, walking away from the car. Thanks Lawrence, this is what exactly ran through my mind and made me think twice. You guys are the best πŸ‘, still keeping a look out for another car preferably an off-road version as advised. Just one question, do we have any trusted mechanic in house where i can take my next car there for him to check? Appreciate all your feedback and comments.
  3. So an update on the car I have found another car, its a 2011 GCC specs with off-road (Diff lock), Surprisingly the guy has purchased the car back in 4th April 2021 and is selling now, the story is that he has got the loan approved from Al Futtaim for an FJ cruiser and hence is selling the xterra. I drove the car it is was smooth with adequate pick and drive, the body had some visible scratches and one right side tail light is slightly broken. The car has 130k KM on the dash and he had recently changed the radiator the complaint was that it was getting heated so the garage guy had changed it, and he said the only one thing which the guy had asked him to change if required was a Thermostat (he said it would cost 75 to change if required) We have agreed for a price of 25k for the car, Hence i am reverting back here to the Pro's if the price is fine? I don't know a single garage guy who i can take the car to for assessing it, my only option is to have it checked at Tasjeel for Comprehensive test, does anyone knows a garage where i can take it to rather than to Tasjeel, i would highly appreciate it. Even if someone can join me in the test drive tomorrow and assess it first hand as i have don't know what system that needs to be checked. There was something I noticed in the front right hand side, the suspension was a different Yellow color one something the rest of the suspensions were stock but the right side had the different suspension i guess. The Tires were Nexen something 2018's is that something that i need replace first thing to something more reliable or they are just fine? The car is registered currently in Sharjah, do i have to take the car to Sharjah first cancel it ? will i be given an export number or have to take a recovery for this job and take the car to Dubai to have it passed there as well. What moment do i hand over the cash to the seller? while he cancels the car or once the car passes in Dubai? the Car chassis number is 5N1AN0N61BC501592 in case someone can share any insights 😎
  4. Thanks Gaurav, for the feedback. Yes, i can definitely wait and see what deals come out have been monitoring dubizzle and other classified for last 4 weeks now, lol. I agree, i need to take it to a mechanic but which one don't know, hence the easy solution for buyers like me is Tasjeel. Is there a trusted garage that anyone can recommend, i also feel the charges for Tasjeel is an overkill 400+πŸ˜“πŸ˜₯ There are non GCC variant which are offroad versions, is that something i should look into? Or stick with GCC only? I had xterra, pathfinder the old shape one 2006 or 2007 versions or prado 2008 on the table and almost all these fall into my budget of 20+ exception of Toyota where i will have to shell another additional 5 to 6k. Should i reconsider xterra to these models? This car will mainly be offroad toy rather than family car.
  5. Hi everyone, Looks like i have decided finally that i will get an Xterra but don't want to spend much on it, something around the budget of 20K only. So i have shortlisted one car it is a 2008 gcc asking price is 18k, driven to about 198k km till now. There are others as well but the basic options and offroad version is somewhat around 28 or 29k which is too much in my opinion as i am only getting this to fuel my offroad desires 😎 and if i feel i have graduated after a year and need to go next level then whats the worst this car can sell at may be 15k not much of a depreciation left i guess, lol. Is it a good option for me to look at? Is there something that i should be careful about or get it checked from somewhere? This will be my first SUV, I was thinking about taking it to comprehensive check at RTA is that fine?
  6. I think there is something called a mubaya or online sales agreement valid for 30 days, it is like a possession letter but doesn't give a number plate the vehicle remains under the name of the new buyer. There is also a VIP service currently where RTA is sending the inspector to the location and getting all the paper work done not tried yet, may be the other team member would have experienced it.
  7. Yes, that's exactly the plan. But have to keep an eye out, so not to miss a good deal.
  8. Hello everyone, I have been for a while with mall openings and new regulations and couldn't find the time to respond back been busy at work from home. A quick update on prado, i had really thought about it and eventually decided what @Gaurav you have said and thought about it long term. I understand that the offer is great right now but given the uncertainty the time holds right now it is not worth the risk. I would pay extra 15K when i have a peace of mind with it. So i have turndown the decision to purchase it. I truly appreciate the feedback that everyone has put forward and taken the time to do so, it really means a lot 😊 Coming back to the million dollar question, where to now? I shouldn't say this but it is a buyer paradise right now given the current situation. Can I ask for recommendation of the cars that i should be keeping an eye out for. I only have access to a certain websites that are already overwhelmed with dealers finding an individual seller is a challenge and i really see the price difference that it makes to deal with the individual rather than with the broker. I have clarity that Pajero is not a runner. From the list shared earlier for cars under 20K, i was interested in the following may be you can guide me in the right direction. FJ Cruiser- any specific model or year that i should keep an eye out for? Toyota LandCruiser- 1998- 2003 : V6 or V8? Xterra- any specific year model? from the list i can see 2008 and 2009 has been recommended. I read somewhere in my initial research that there were certain models in which the water would mix with the oil. Thank you @Gaurav and @Rahimdad for feedback on xterra, and it is good to know that it is not a deal breaker to have the offroad version. Nissan Petrol - 2003- 2005? From the above list, Xterra is the one that is lighter on the budget πŸ’° is the regular maintenance pocket friendly and spare parts wise. How about Land cruiser mentioned above is that something that last longer and kicks that sand bite, it would be big enough for some family trips offroad and maintenance wise will it be cheaper? is this model prone to more defects and fails as i am also looking at cars that are 15 to 20 years old 😎 From the portal, i am using to keep an eye out on Dubizzle CarSwitch Opensooq Seez Is there any place else that i should keep a check at? Thank you in advance.
  9. Well guys, thank you for your support on helping me finalize the car. I gave a real good thought and had a realization moment where i though about everything discussed above and the examples you have given. Discussed it with my wife just to see the other side of the coin. TBH, i am satisfied with my Accord till now and will try to squeeze the last mile from the beauty till it gives up on me 😁. I have clocked 270k on it . No issues till now whatsoever. The only reason for me looking for the 4x4 was to venture into the off-road and develop this as a past time/hobby. I had a soft corner for the Prado in reality and the price was too good to let it go. But if i see at the current uncertainty this COVID -19 beings with it, i have double thoughts about it now. I looked at the pros and cons of committing to financing the car at the current situation,even though my target was to keep the EMI below 1K but still was this worth a risk when we really don't know how the situation will pan out to be. Realistically even if i was to finalize the car, i would have really been able to take it to the dunes only by Nov or Dec. The situation we know around us, what is happening even though we cannot publicly speak about it. Thank you for sharing the above article @Gaurav"Carnity Used Car Buying Guide", when i was reading through it another article was referenced in it where one member wanted a TJ and how he ended up buying an Xterra. I looked up Xterra for 2009-2010 years mentioned above in car in price range of 10k to 20k. I was thinking when things start to calm down and we start seeing the light at the end of tunnel, then i would venture out to buy a car. From my limited search on the form what i was able to gauge is, there are two cars which are highly spoken of Nissan Xterra Pajero Can I ask the owners of these cars, what is the average service cost and parts, maintenance for these two? how reliable are these off-roads. Any specifics that i should be aware of? i read something about the suspension for Xterra. Nissan Xterra, I have seen two variants. One with a diff locks and other one without it. Is the diff lock a deal breaker? Pajero, should i keep an eye out for 3.5 or 3.8? LWB is what i prefer so can utilize it for any family trips ☺️ I would say 80% usage of the car would be for off-roading, until Accord doesn't give up πŸ™ˆ. What do you guys suggest? Is this a wise decision to not buy the Prado? I really don't have anyone in my circle who i can resort to for advice hence coming here to experts for the right direction 😎 Thank you in advance.
  10. Well I never seen so much of kids channel in my entire childhood. Moreover, my wife and me had been playing "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" along with Baby shark 🦈. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the kids have definitely learned body parts 🀭
  11. Yes, this was the point. I have managed to pull him down to this price down, i don't think he will come down any further. The guy is immigrating to UK with his family, wife and kids have already flown almost 6 months ago, he stayed back to put his ducks in order. So one of the reason for him selling is because he is immigrating to UK. Just had a call with him again in the afternoon, he was planning to submit the resign at his workplace next week and wanted to finanlize the deal. To be honest, i have driven accord for the last 5 years and have changed its consumables only till now along with the regular maintenance. I am not aware of any other mechanic or workshop that could help me, hence paid the price of 450 for the test thinking it should be sufficient but now as you have said they are not always the best option then i am thinking, one where to get it tested and 2nd wasted my money 😒😒 I have checked the service record and it is fine till date. He has been servicing the vehicle at proper intervals so no problem here.i read an article somewhere that if the car has high highway miles they are equivalent to half the miles in city. So in this case as his 90% ride was from Ajman to Jebal Ali, the miles in reality should be looked as 75k rather than 150k, not sure how much true is that. Thanks @Wrangeld, i think i should parallely secure a contract with car wash shops.😁 Thanks @Rahimdad for the welcome. If it is the bumper that will prove to be an issue then i think that is something that can easily be fixed, am i right is saying this? Where in its a piece of Machine, I totally agree with you, machines are unpredictable as do everything in life is and this is where the realibility of the machine comes in. I am still planning to keep my Accord, but during the cost of ownership for the accord is substantially much higher than Toyota. This is something that i was suprised to learn about. I believe you would agree with me, if the sand bug bite was to bite me and i have to worry about these points then definately i would come to these list, (bookmark done). Just another question, the vehicle i understand are in these price range but what about the repais and parts cost? sometimes the vehicles are cheap to buy but very expensive to maintain
  12. Thank you Frederic. Looking forward to meeting the whole Club πŸ˜€ Thank you Gaurav for the advice. The guy is a banker and bought the car for his family and for driving from A to B point. He was referred to me by my younger brother who is a brother in law of his friend, wow risthay 🀯. So that dependability is there of some sort. He as never driving the car off road and has kept the beauty in good shape, its a 150 years edition without sunroof. I have asked to share the book so i can check if the car was serviced as per the intervals or not. I have also sent an email to Dynatrade, just spoke to them and was informed that they are closing today for next two weeks in Al quoz, Not sure what is happening there and was asked to drop an email with the registration card copy. (done). They will revert back once the team is back. His asking price for the car is 75k and won't budge from it at all. I have taken the car for Tasjeel Comprehensive test last month and there was no objection from them what so where, except a few minor scratches on the front fender. Attaching the pictures here for reference. Is there something else i should be looking out for? is the price justified in reference to the kms? am i missing on something else with this price budget?
  13. Hello All, I hope everyone is doing good and trying to make the best of this lockdown. I am an Absolute Newbie, have passion to drive on and offroad. Evertime I had a question around cars my best friend google would bring me here ☺️ really helpful. Have been in Dubai for the last 5 years. I don't own a 4x4 yet, was planning to in Dec but the deal didn't finalize, currently driving a Honda Accord so 4x4 will be a completely new thing for me and i wanted to do it right hence the reason i have come here to the expert for guidance ☺️ and a great start for offroad experiences. Thank you. Ps. I am planning to buy a Prado V6, 2015. The deal is almost done, the car has 150k km on it used mainly on highway trips, guy compute daily to Jebal Ali from Ajman on E611 hence the kms. Car has been serviced till 80k from agency and then from Dynatrade as per the owner there is still a service contract. (i would appreciate if you guys can comment on this). I was looking for a car in which i could accommodate the family as well have some fun time on the sand πŸš™. Looking forward to meeting all of you soon, once this lockdown is finished πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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