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  1. @Gaurav Hi, could you please help here - I’m not sure profile is reflecting the correct status? Could you please update @Janarthan
  2. @Janarthan attached is the announcement. why you remove me from the list? Is it the profile not showing the promotion?
  3. @Janarthan Hi, I’m fewbie not newbie - I was promoted 2 weeks back. Shall I join the drive? @Janarthan Attached is the screen shot of announcement. Please do let me know if I will join the drive today.
  4. Amazing drive this morning. Happy to be back with Carnity - Thanks @Wrangeld and @Alex Raptor @Alex RaptorPlease mark my attendance as discussed.
  5. I visited the dragon mart yesterday and purchased - BAOFENG UV-5R - 70AED - Flag, pole and suction cub - 70AED - Camel double cylinder (80PSI) - small compressor - 75AED @Frederic @Wrangeld I agree they are not negotiating on Camel double cylinder compressor and selling for 250AED.
  6. @Frederic @Gaurav Please remove me from Afternoon Newbie - Al Qudra Drive 20th March, to free space for someone else. I will join the morning sharjah drive.
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