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  1. The thrill & excitement starts every Sunday from 1830hrs to grab a spot in the high demand drives from Carnity & ends with the drive on Friday every week (to be refreshed again on Sunday). The drive was excellent tks to lead from @Rahimdad & equally supportive Seniors @Wrangeld @Brette @Jeepie @Vanessa8580...... just been my 4th drive with the club & every drive is a new learning in itself with refusals, self recovery. .....See you guys for the next drive.
  2. Hi Asifk, You mean to the say the morning newbie drive 7 am at pink rock. I dont mind switching if you need.
  3. @Srikumarsorry forgot my radio On my way! Home if I make it back ontime shall join if not my apologies
  4. @Frederic @Brette @Ale Vallecchi For the amazing drive & leadership..... Simply amazing.... @Yousef Alimadadi tks for helping me out with the effective quick fix of my dancing flag pole......
  5. Hi Fredrick, pls note I am getting my Jeep Wrangler instead of Nissan Pathfinder. Regards
  6. George Francis

    George Francis

  7. @Frederic Tks for the hand you and Gaurav gave to pull me back to the road....pathfinder is at the workshop something do with a sensor....most probably will be fixed and ready for the next drive if not shall get my other ride...
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