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  1. Alright now it makes sense. Overheating causes premature failures. Thanks Barry.
  2. But Sri Kumar... All the cars nowadays have CVT.. I used a Honda for 100k no issues at all. Toyota/honda/Nissan all have them. Corolla (2015 onwards...) Yaris (also same) 😢
  3. Thanks for your advise Thanks OK bro. Will search further
  4. Hello All, Need your expert advise. I just sold my Honda CRV, as my family moved out. The car was great but was expensive to maintain. I now need a small reliable car with cruise as I travel long distances. I am going to see a Nissan TIIDA 2012 hatch back with about 120K kms on it. This is a cheap car, costing me around 17k, Would like to know if TIIDA is a reliable perfomer, or does it have major issues with engine/transmission/gear box The other option i am looking for is a Yaris. I heard good reviews about it but it cost almost twice as much for a 2016 0r 17 model (the old ones dont have cruise in them). Kindly advise i am really confused at this stage.
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