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  1. Unfortunately my roster for December is to unstable, so I don’t think is fare to the rest of Liwa eager off-roaders to make a last minute cancellation in case of a last minute change. Please Frederic remove me from the drive to Liwa and give my space to the next on the waiting list. I will take my chances at the last minute in any of the drives if I manage to be available and there is a space available at that time .
  2. Sorry Dr Chaitanya , I’m not sure to make it back on time , so to avoid a last minute cancellation, I will live my place open , Really looking forward to at least ride the dunes with you on Saturday !!
  3. I just see that I have been removed from your drive , It’s may be a misunderstanding but if possible I will like to attend the drive tomorrow !
  4. For a couple of hrs i pull out of the drive , because of job related request , i know that sounds crazy but my Roster changes in hourly bases at the moment , as of now , I will be attending tomorrow morning , if it’s ok with you .
  5. Sorry Sertac and Rahimdad but I won’t be able to make it !! I really appreciate the effort for the second convoy!
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