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  1. I won’t be able to attend any drives this weekend since I have been call back for duty , any way I will see you later on today for the midweek drive.
  2. Unfortunately I have been call out for duty from Thursday so I won’t be able to be join any drives this coming weekend .
  3. Congratulations my brother , I can remember like if it was yesterday my absolute Newbie drive with you , I was thinking to myself, why someone will want to drive that presidencial looking car into the desert , you are the living example of Carnity spirit ( we drive any 4x4 with more than 8.........) . You are always among the first guys to lend a friendly and calm hand to any one on the convoy , and I can wait for the day that you will start leading drives , so i can sign up to drive with you , where a good time and vibes will always be a guaranteed. Well deserved!!!!
  4. Hi Angela since I manage to get 2 drives on Friday I will be canceling my RSVP for this one. Leaving some options for other people to have the opportunity of a drive .
  5. Thank you very much!! Really looking forward to have an intermediate drive , looks like I will need to polish my booking skills .
  6. Please ad me as a first drive hoping that I get my intermediate status otherwise I already get a place in a Fewbie drive that I will be willing to drop for this .
  7. Good morning . Unfortunately,I have been call for duty today so I have to pull out , I was really looking forward to this one , really sorry for the late advice. Hope you guys have a great drive!
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