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  1. @Ale Vallecchi can you confirm if the planned finish time is 10.30AM? Just got confused by the even info saying differently than the post “10:30 PM (first half break expected around 11:30/Noon, lasting about 2 hours, for lunch, refueling, etc.).”
  2. It was a great drive and an excellent crew. Thanks @Wrangeldfor leading, we may have not accomplished what you wanted to but still it was a smooth and very enjoyable one. Great you shared your tyre experience. Some folks from the convoy know that I went through a tyre misery recently I needed to change my old BF A/T tyres - they were hug, heavy and very old, couldn't pass the registration with those. I went for the golden standard Yokohama G015 A/T . I also had issues with my rim size, it was just too wide for that tyre size. Stretching the tyre to a point where deflation didn't really ge
  3. Thanks everyone for the patience and the support. I’ll fix my tires- this one felt more like an ice skating session 😂
  4. My plans changed for the weekend - left the event, so next in line on the waitlist please have fun instead of me
  5. Hi @Luca Palanca Falsini - I'm really sorry I completely overlooked the fact that this is Friday and not Saturday what I thought it was going to be... At least I didn't take anyone's spot. Hope you guys are having great fun. Apologies again.
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words and especially for all the support to get here.
  7. Thansk a million, I got too excited and picked the wrong one. I manaed to sign up for that one, thank you very much
  8. Thanks @Foxtrot Oscar - at the end I made other plans for Friday, so you can remove me from the waitlist. Enjoy the ride and see you on the next one!
  9. Thank you very much for the encouraging words from everyone. I really appreciate all the support. and can't wait to learn more.
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