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  1. Apologies @Rahimdad ... I was really looking forward for the drive. but I was unable to join . In fact on Wednesday before the drive I has Clicked on leave Event . Once again apologies if I had kept you guys waiting
  2. @Srikumar Appologies, will not be able to make it to the drive. I have chicked on leave event
  3. Will the four numbers of 5 Liter cans sold at enoc suffice ??
  4. Hi @Srikumar, can you please clarify if the jerry can has to be plastic or metallic
  5. Was a amazing drive, slightly different that what we are used to, loved the way briefing was done, as you said commuNITY, back in carnity. Thank you @Wrangeld @Lorenzo Candelpergher, thank you for the support, looking forward for your drone footage
  6. Super Awesome ride @Wrangeld and @Lorenzo Candelpergher. I assumed you were doing an elaborate prank when you were briefing us on how to tackle the slip face of of fossil rock. But what an incredible way to come down. Really enjoyed the ride. Looking forward for the next drive 🚗 . @Lorenzo Candelpergher thank you so much for the tug out of that nasty pocket.
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