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  1. @Anish S please remove me from waitlist... unfortunately my work schedule has changed and I won't be able to drive... thanks
  2. Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating!
  3. Well done @Lakshmi Narasimhan You're very committed and am glad to see this promotion for you 👍. Nice job!
  4. Hi @AlexM Just like you, I also don't really like getting up at 03h30 (even though I do it for for work) for an early morning drive. The idea of driving in the afternoon (now in summer) is different to the reality. The early morning temperatures are bearable, and one can exit by 9/10am (as @Frederic has mentioned) - having the whole day ahead of you even if you take a 2 hour nap after getting home and showering. I've found the afternoon (summer) drives tough on the car, and me.. due to the heat. I've also noticed some members are, shall we say, less patient 🤣 During Covid, we don't a
  5. Thanks for sharing - relevant especially after @Yawa 's question/comments yesterday.
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