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  1. Unfortunately 😔have to pullout due to some commitments - was really looking forward to this one (with many familiar faces!) after 6 weeks without driving in the sand.... next time. Enjoy gentlemen...
  2. Thanks @Gerrit Bus for sharing the videos - nice to relive the drive, and view the movement from another perspective!
  3. @Rizwanm2a great drive yesterday morning.... thanks to @Haitham Khattab, @Senthil Kumar and @Gaurav Soni (who as @Tareq Al Turqsaid, transformed from ghost to angel 🤣) for keeping all in check, and dealing with whatever the desert threw at us. Nice varied terrain and great scenery. Well done to the new Fewbie plusses too - great job Good rest of the weekend everyone! @Tareck I faced the same issue - google maps took me close to Damac hills instead of Al Faqa - so strange 😳
  4. Congrats @Amr Aydin great to see! Always cool and collected on our drives together... well done 👍
  5. A thousand congratulations doc! Well well done and so good to see👍 Always enjoy driving with you and admire your passion, patience and dedication... alfa mabroek 👍
  6. Congratulations @Hisham Masaad so well deserved! Yalla push 👍
  7. Another good drive with the doctor... dates, laban, and stories.... a good way to start the weekend. @M.Seidam thanks for posting the drive, and also on completing 100 drives! @Alexander Alcala thanks for the sweep, and tugging me out of my stuck. @Rajiv Sam & @Sunil Mathew thanks for the support. Wish everyone a good weekend 👍
  8. @M.Seidam I removed my name/"left event" this morning at 6am as won't be able to participate due to work.. not sure if there are waitlists... Lots of familiar names so sorry to miss out 😞 Have a great drive!
  9. Enjoy the drive gentlemen... need to pull out of the drive unfortunately as away for work. 👍
  10. A great drive today - with all the usual suspects 🤣 awake and ready to go early, on a hot summer's morning! Thanks to @varunmehndiratta for guiding us through the low visibility.... and very capable support team made up of @Ashok chaturvedi, @munkybizness and @Karthik Raptor. @Beide WorkuI was able to admire your confident ridge riding in my rear view-mirror today.... looked fantastic in that truck of yours 👍 Have a good week everyone.
  11. Well done @Ahmad Shaker on the new level .. well deserved 👍
  12. Apologies @Rizwanm2 for the late notice as won't be able to join tmrw morning. 😔 Was hoping to get back after weeks with drives.... have a good drive everyone.
  13. Well done @Rob S - great to see, and a great addition to the team... 👍
  14. @M.Seidam something has come up and will need to come off the drive unfortunately... this'll give someone a chance on the waitlist. Enjoy !
  15. @Kailas thanks for an enjoyable night drive last night, complete with some refusals, stucks and a nice break with the camping chairs.... As usual some great teamwork, and creative thinking to keep us going through the soft sand... Well done @Jose Thomas on your first Fewbie plus drive. 👍 Thanks for the support and contributions @Joji varghese@Gok Krish@Rajiv Sam@Beide Workuand @Chris Wing Good weekend everybody!
  16. Mayank @munkybizness this brought a smile to my face 👍. Very well deserved - your passion and confidence will continue to be so well used in the support position. Nice job!
  17. Well done @Rajiv Sam a well deserved position!
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