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  1. thanks @Frederic: After last weeks drive i really started questioning my ability and my car. Today was fantastic thanks for your kind words and for making me feel better .. see you soon
  2. HI Gaurav.. Thanks for letting me know. unfortunately I have to cancel the drive then as I already tried to borrow one form others... Thanks and see you soon
  3. morning all. My pole flag hasnt arrived yet. According to Amazon it will be delivered by next week. Is it a super big problem if i dont have one for this drive?
  4. Good evening all, sorry to contribute to the problems, but although I tried to organise a pole flag I was not able to get one. I ordered one from Amazon and it should be delivered by next week. So at the moment I do not have a flag. is this an unsolvable issue, or can I join without one?
  5. Hello all I watched the video and already ordered some of the things requested but some items might not be delivered until friday. Is it possible to borrow a radio from you? Same for the pole flag.
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