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  1. Hi @Srikumar , Unfortunately I won't be able to join the ride on Friday. I'll cancel my RSVP. Hope to join you in future rides.
  2. Hi @Ale Vallecchi , If by any chance a slot becomes available , i would love to join this ride. Thanks
  3. Just to clarify - since they were speaking in Arabic in the video - the guy mentioned that this was instructional video meant to teach the technique. I always find it interesting to learn the "Bedouin" ways of dealing with situations in the desert .
  4. Although driving alone in the desert could be the biggest mistake in life ....... What would a person spending most of his time living in the desert do if his car is stuck with two cross wheels in the air without a differential locker !!!! I came across this video on YouTube where desert people explain their creative solution to this . To our marshals and expert drivers ........ what is your opinion ? It would be great if this can be tested .
  5. Thanks @Emmanuel , it was pleasure meeting you too , i hope to meet you again in future rides and thanks to @Gaurav for the wonderful carefully planned ride - it made breaking the initial barrier so much fun . I am posting a few photos takeen during the ride .
  6. Is there a fuse for the Airbag ? or do they install the kill switch directly through the cabling of the Airbag . If they mess-up with the Airbag cabling , I would say this is a dangerous way to deal with the situation. every time the kill switch is used , there is a chance of Airbag discharge. ( I have this opinion based on a car repair manual for installing/removing front airbag. actually - even a static charge from your hand to the airbag connection can activate the airbag discharge ).
  7. Hi , RSVB ok Sorry I missed to introduce myself . Hassan , i drive a Mitsubishi Pajero 2016. I am am an absolute newbie , and this is my first 4x4 SUV. My car has more than 8” ground clearance for sure . Towing points front and back are ok and in good condition . I’ve prepared some tools for off-roading : - Shovel ,snatch strap, d-rings,pole and flag, rope , air compressor , air pressure gauge , walki-talki . glad to join the club and looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow .
  8. Hi Gaurav, My name is Hassan Almousa, I would like to join this drive , however , I didn't know how to RSVB through the website . I have subscribed and joined the off-road club already . I will be grateful if you help me join the drive tomorrow . Thanks. Hassan
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