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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. I have definitely missed a lot of action/fun in the last 2 months, hopefully will catchup in the following months to come!!!!
  2. @Brette I have got some personal work, kindly remove me from waitlist.
  3. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for the wonderful drive. Starting on time and ending on time, with very minimal refusals and stops covering nice terrain. @Chinthaka Ruwan, @PaoloMaraziti, @topgear, @Nihal17, @Gaurav Soni, @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil, @Sunil Mathew, @Matt.T, @Darren Brooke, @Mario Cornejo thanks for joining the drive and it was pleasure meeting you all. Few pics posted in the gallery!!! See you all soon.
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