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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Wow didn’t realize that was from slip side, no wonder the momentum was not enough, still managed to cross with all of your inputs🥂, must focus on that as well going forward!!!
  2. I was lucky enough to get @Fredericadvise to go for synthetic rope which reduced another 20+ kg, otherwise would be too much load on the front and difficult to handle my car.
  3. Nicely put forward @Frederic, I recently installed one and your post is timely one saving time in googling out. Have to practice it before inaugurating the winch!!!
  4. Thanks @Lorenzo Candelpergher for the wonderful drive with utmost safety. What else can be expected? Ultimate roller coster ride for a Fewbie morning, so fast, technical dune, long range dunes along with few refusals, popout learnt new techniques and many camel convoys on the way. Thanks to @Shaz Shah, @Janarthan for the recoveries and tips and entire convoy for being patient and providing chances to try and overcome the challenges, definitely need more of such refreshing drives. Looking forward to meet again in sands.
  5. Thanks @Anish S, @Chaitanya D and @Malachy McGrogan for the wonderful drive and great support. First time I missed Friday morning drive, but well compensated with evening drive. Very good terrain, lovely sideys, ridge riding and criss cross. Couple of pop-outs fixed in no time, few refusals and mostly all self recovered, great team work. Thanks to entire convoy for the great drive. Thanks @Chaitanya D for the much needed tips in driving modes and suggestion to be part of more newbie drives.
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