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  1. @Farouq Owdeh So I towed my vehicle to Skilltech garage as per @Hasan Wahlan advise and next day i understood from Trading Enterprise and Western motors (both Agency service) that original radiator is out of stock as the entire consignment received in UAE is damaged. So I approached the local market (Al Shatri trading) and purchased a Turkey made radiator for Aed 420 (price for original radiator is approx Aed 2100) and original coolant from agency for Aed 120.
  2. HI all, as everyone in this forum knows that I had an unfortunate event of overlooking a tiny down slope and hit the nose of my Jeep ending up with a damaged radiator, leaked coolant and slightly damaged A/c condenser. I have managed to fix all this today, Ac is working perfect as of now so haven't touched it. I would like to thank @Asif Hussain for your wonderful support and guidance at all times. @Hasan Wahlan for your support to workshop and beyond , @Farouq Owdeh for assisting me at incident spot. Moreover learning for me from this incident was maybe wearing a sunglass would have give
  3. tomswin paul

    tomswin paul

  4. Hi Asif & team, Thank you for accepting my request. I will be driving a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 engine with no modification. I have been on sand 4 time before but this will be my 1st experience with professionals. Front and back tow points are absolutely okay and I have a 15ft - 10k pound tow rope, deflator / inflator and radio. Looking forward to meet everyone and gain more knowledge about off roading.
  5. Hi I would like to join this event in Al Khatim . I read maximum 12 cars in forum but in the list I see only 10 members and rsvp reached maximum limit. Pls advise.
  6. Hi friends, can someone suggest a place to buy the walkie talkie device in Abu Dhabi. I checked in Amazon but couldn't fine one.
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