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  1. Thx @M.Seidam, nothing serious just some upper stomach pain that happens from time to time.
  2. Thanks @Lorenzo Candelpergherand everybody for the amazing drive, the first hour was definitely one of the best drives I've ever had. It has been so long since I red lined my Patrol, and the mix of Intermediate, Abu Dhabi and @Lorenzo Candelpergher made it the perfect combination. I'm really sorry I had to exit out early, I guess at a certain point we got used to Intermediate drives and didn't expect it will be that thrilling especially for my passengers. I hope we have such drives with super large dunes and endless side sloping and criss crossing more often. @Christian Andrasth
  3. Dr. @M.Seidam i will have to drop from this drive, i just remembered that I have a gastroscopy scheduled Early morning on the same day.
  4. @Looperhave you worked with tools before? I have friends who don't know how to replace a bulb at home. What I mean to say if you have experience fixing things then you can invest with a decent toolbox otherwise it is a waste of money.
  5. Very well deserved @Michel Van Woudenberg, hope to see you soon again on sand.
  6. Get a y62 and you wont worry about all these, just floor it whenever you need some power. You guys gonna hate me after this post.
  7. Seems you don't have other recovery points. You will have to rely on the hitch. Make sure you buy one suitable for recovery and not the ball type.
  8. @rohit kumar can you send me a photo of the rear part showing where the hook gets installed and another photo from underneath the rear side? You might have hidden recovery points.
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