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  1. @Islam SolimanI’m sorry something came up and I won’t be able to join. hope to see you soon on sand.
  2. Thank you Dr. for organizing the drive, it was very pleasant. Hope you sorted out the leakage. Thanks everyone for joining, you all drove exceptionally well.
  3. I usually go after every drive to the Emarat station just after JA salik gate. I ask them for a full steam wash, i use etisalat smiles application and i get 35% discount. I tip the guy washing the car 20aed and another 30 for the guys drying and vacuuming. Believe me the car returns back as if coming out from the showroom. I usually prefer to clean the airfilter myself after every drive as well once I reach there. With a gd tip they will spend 90 to 120min on your car. Last week, they had a new crew on the day shift, I had to stay next to them and tell them what to do.
  4. Thanks guys for the feedback, @Thomas Varghese I wouldn’t agree more with you in regards to lift, there are a lot of other factors that needs to be considered when you decide to add a lift to the car. the 2.5” i’m referring to is actually the diameter of the shock not the lift. I guess I will go with the bilstein shocks for now and save the extra money.
  5. Thanks @M.Seidamand @Srikumarfor the advice. With this being a much cheaper option, I guess I will give it a try first and see how it goes before spending 9-10k.
  6. Hello Desert Wanderers, I’m currently buying an Xterra after I totaled my beloved Y62. First thing I’m planing to modify is the suspension. Wondering what most of you guys owning Xterras are using? I found plenty of options in the market, such as profenders 2.5, oldman EMU BP-51, dobinsons MRA etc.. There are also cheaper options with no external reservoirs Any advice you can provide? Reading online I found that the offroad version/P4X comes with Bilstein shocks, I’m buying the standard trim so I guess it won’t have the bilsteins.
  7. @sertaci guess early models of w211 has that issue, don't think it is present in the facelifted models.
  8. Thanks @Zed @Daniel Yang, no I didn't, the other guy with the Y60 won the Patrol. True the skids plates in the market that installs below your bumper are useless, they don't give any extra clearance, you will end up hitting the rear on every technical dune.
  9. Guys, As most of you already know, I'm putting my car back to stock so selling the below modified parts. Please contact me on my mobile number for the price: 0562250945 I'm selling my modified High Clearance Hybrid rear bash plate, along with original bumper (trimmed) and a modified resonator (last part after the muffler) ensuring max clearance, in addition to a custom designed 15mm soft eye recovery points made from high strength steel S335. Details below: Hybrid rear bash plate: fits to the trimmed factory bumper, increases the departure angle from 26 degrees to 40 degrees, comes with a protected 3mm steel corner wings. Rear Corner wings are made from aluminum and gives a factory finish and protect the AC pipes and lane departure sensors. Replacement fog lights are included, uses OEM sealed connectors for plug and play connection involving zero cutting of the harness. High clearance axle-back exhaust, no welding or cutting is involved, just the end part is taken out by removing 2 nuts and the new part fits in right away. Heavy duty Rear recovery points custom designed from 15mm S355JR high strength steel, powder coated, laser cut and suitable for soft shackles, Uses high grade 10.9 bolts and High strength pin that are shear loaded, much stronger than the factory pintle hook. Photos below. Parts are still as new with no scratches.
  10. Am I the only one who steam wash engine and the underbody after each drive🙄
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