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  1. @Humayun Ghias it would interfere with the terrain selection modes you have. When you choose sand mode it is actually adjusting your pedal to sand driving.
  2. @Gok Krishi'm not an expert but did you check your coolant and engine oil? Is there any sign of water mixing with oil or did the coolant level decrease? As these are the main sings of a blown head gasket. Also Was it really a white smoke, not greyish or blueish smoke? I have a feeling it is an engine misfiring issue, might be due to faulty ignition coil or a faulty injector...
  3. 2 bolts won't take the load. The rear recovery point on my patrol is fixed to 5 bolts for a reason! Some on the side and some on the buttom of the ladder frame.
  4. Sorry off-topic , Seems we work in the same field, which company you work for? I work for NOV
  5. It is safe if it is padded and I guess the driver must wear a helmet. Otherwise might be more dangerous.
  6. Is it an ABS KILL switch? If yes then you should switch it off (abs active) when you want to use your crawling system. As far as I recall, Also the diff lock must be off for crawling to work.
  7. This works perfectly on your facelift model as you have 2 screens, the upper one which i guess only shows the useless nissan map will be used for the android module (off course you can switch anytime to your original display by pressing the back button) and the lower one remain the same untouched. The system, is running android 10, cortex A72 cpu, 4gb ddr4 ram, 32Gb eMMC. I Got a Data sim from etisalat on my same package, and connected it directly to the device using a 4g dongle. The main reason I got it is for using google maps/waze and Gaia gps without the need of an external scree
  8. Thanks @Gauravfor the advice. I have a torque wrench, I will double check that the bolts are torqued properly.
  9. The pintle hook is still installed to the cross member, that plate was just added in between.
  10. Thanks @Danish Mohammadfor the updates, honestly I never thought that noise has something to do with any Plastic, it sounded more like a metal squeak. Thought it was a wheel hub/bearing or a drive shaft issue. Glad you sorted it out and was an easy fix. See you on sand..
  11. Glad it was sorted out @Danish Mohammad, what was the issue?just in case we encountered such thing in future. Hope to see you soon on sand.
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