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  1. Hi Ale, unfortunately I won’t be able to escape from work tomorrow afternoon. I wish you a nice drive…
  2. Hi Ale, I am in Al Faqah but meeting point is not very clear ? Ok I think I have found it
  3. @Murad Hamed, I am very glad to read your post. And I am looking to driving with you in the desert. I take this opportunity to thank @Brette. Certainly and despite a lot of stress inside, you did not show it and you managed very well this difficult situation. It reminds all of us that off-roading remains a mechanic sport with risks. I thank @Benjaminfor his support to @Murad Hamedtlll the end of this long journey. I thank all the group for their calm and their solidarity to go through this incident. I am looking to driving again with all of you. Have a nice week. And see you again when I am back from Africa, at the end of the month 😉
  4. Hi Srikumar, I have to cancel the drive as I am Covid Close Contact 😭Have fun 😉
  5. Hi Gaurav, Thank you… Looking for this new chlallenge 😉
  6. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend… I wish u a nice and safe drive 😉
  7. Hi Srikumar, may u remove me from this drive ? I won’t be able to attend it… I wish u a good and safe drive 😉
  8. I wish you an Happy New Year. May u remove me from this drive as I am COVID contact case 😭
  9. Hi Kailas, thanks… Family does not accept off-road drive for XMas Eve 🤣🤣🤣🤣 See u next Time 😉
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