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  1. 1) Pathfinder 2005, R50 2) Absolutely new to this 3) My 4x4 has front and rear towpoints that are in perfect condition
  2. @Lorenzo Candelpergher Very sorry about this. It happened by mistake. I didnt even realize until you mentioned it here.
  3. Hi! 1. Mine is a 2005 Pathfinder R50 (White) 2. Absolutely ZERO experience 3. I dont have a rear tow point. Trying to get this fixed. Mine is in the workshop getting some essential fixes. Just in case, I am not able to solve this by EoD today, i will drop out so that someone else can join.
  4. Thanks @Rahimdad I guess i will have to skip this Friday as I dont have the rear tow hooks. @SrikumarI dont have the rear tow point in my Pathfinder. I guess I wont qualify for tomorrow's drive, right?
  5. Thanks @Rahimdad Could you suggest me a good turning shop? Also what would be the estimated cost? Sorry for asking as I am a complete novice.
  6. Hello! 1. 2005 Nissan Pathfinder R50 2. No offroad experience 3. there is in the front but none at the back. Is there anyway, i can get this fitted?
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