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  1. Something came up and I won't be able to make it, I've removed myself from the list. Enjoy the drive!
  2. Hi @Islam Soliman No change in plans, looking forward to this drive, thanks for organizing.
  3. I have removed myself from the drive because of an unexpected family event. Enjoy the drive!
  4. Just to give you an update and to thank you one more time. I finally bought a 2017 FJ Cruiser, stock, and I changed the tires immediately because they were worn out. I got the Yoko Geolandar AT
  5. Jona


  6. Hi everyone, I'm excited to join the group this Friday. My car is a 2017 FJ Cruiser with no mods, it has front and rear hooks, 8+ inches of ground clearance, and I don't have any prior off-road experience.
  7. Lots of thanks to everyone for replying, I'll follow the advice of keeping HT, at least until I've done a few drives. I've found a car I like, but I won't say much because I could jinx it. It's a tiring process buying a 2nd hand car here.
  8. So, I've decided to buy a second hand FJ Cruiser (I want to buy a 2015 or newer, still searching). The car would be used only, or at least mostly, to go off-road. I understand that stock should be fine, at least initially, but my main doubt is regarding the tires ... will normal road tires be enough to go to the desert? Thanks, and hopefully see you soon!
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