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  1. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for this interesting drive plan. I would like to choose 24.31981, 55.45854 (24°19'11.3"N 55°27'30.7"E), area that if I remember correctly, has a nice landscape view and some long and playable dunes.
  2. Hi Fred, I'm feeling a bit under the weather, since there is no one in the WL, I hope you don't mind if I decide tomorrow morning whether I'm able to join or not, thanks!
  3. I better skip it, I'm feeling a bit under the weather and I don't think I'll be better by tomorrow 😔 Enjoy the drive!
  4. Felicidades @Ignacio Quindós Well deserved! 👏👏👏
  5. I have removed myself from the drive because of a sudden family commitment, my apologies 🙏 Enjoy the drive!
  6. I won't be able to join the drive on Saturday due to an unexpected commitment, I've removed my RSVP 😢 Enjoy the drive! This is going to be an exciting one
  7. Congrats to all participants, and thanks to everyone who took part in organizing this amazing Liwa Crossing. Special thanks to @Kailas for accepting the challenge and being such an excellent lead, always searching for the most enjoyable track, to @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler & @Lawrence_Chehimi for support, and to @Gertjan for 2nd lead (and photographer!), and thanks to the rest of the convoy for being part of a memorable weekend, outstanding job guys! I've uploaded most of the videos and pics that I took (360 videos will take longer) and will keep them for a few weeks here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZL6q82_mAwXTibyA5pr7Akevv9S_-CMa?usp=share_link
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