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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. Hi Lorenzo, please remove me from the waiting list and tomorrow's Ride, I appreciate that you have added me, but unfortunately I have other plans tomorrow morning, see you next time. @Lorenzo Candelpergher
  2. Morshedi


  3. Thank you @Chaitanya D @Alexander Alcala @Foxtrot Oscar you guys are amazing climbing the rock was fun, check this video with sound on 😁 @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ absolutely right, when I changed the tires to 9 Psi, it was much much better, thank you
  4. Thank you @Chaitanya D @Wrangeld @Jeepie This my 2nd Drive, and 1st-night drive, you guys made it so easy, loved how Chaitanya Announced every Obstacle ahead, Thank you All ❤️
  5. Hi, thank you @Wrangeld I’m driving Wrangler Sahara, and I went off-road once with friends, for like an hour to get to know the basics, it was amazing, @Trekado @Ahmad Shaker my goal is to go camping and explore new places without getting stuck! looking forward to seeing you All :)
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