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  1. the race started very early, I think from Hessa street 😅@DP1011 , Deepak wrangler
  2. Thank you @varunmehndiratta for another amazing Drive, a perfect way to start the week, we all enjoy it a lot!! finally, I experienced the intermediate silence! changing the position during the drive itself was super exciting! thanks to all platoons leaders for their support and guidance see you all soon 💛
  3. I have been in this drive before in F+, and I know why @varunmehndiratta wrote those ground rules 😬😁 i have nothing to say! but I’m bringing 2 shovels 😅🤣
  4. Thank you Doctor @M.Seidam I have learned a lot from you 🙏💛 thank you @Ranjan Das 💛😊
  5. thank you @ASAD. see you soon ✌️ thank you @varunmehndiratta 💛 thank you @Jose Thomas thank you @Waqas Parvez 😊 thank you buddy @Haitham Khattab 💛 OIIIIIIIO thank you bro, yes! see you sooooon OIIIIIIIO 💛 @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler
  6. thank you @Gaurav 💛✌️ thank you @Vaibhav 💛 thank you so much @Hisham Masaad
  7. Thank you @varunmehndiratta for another amazing drive, I enjoyed it a lot, being at the front was super fun and thrilling, It was a long convoy but you managed to control it with the help of @imranaasghar81 , @Imteeaz , and @Beide Worku those guys are amazing! everyone drove really good yesterday, see you all again soon ✌️💛
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