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  1. Sorry @Anish S, I'm unable to join this drive. Hope to see you on future drives.
  2. That was my first fewbie drive. Learned a lot of things today. The track was wonderful. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi, for the wonderful lesson today. Also thanks to @Hisham Masaad and @Chris Wing for guarding and supporting the convoy today. @luis mantecon, hope your jeep is getting well soon. All, See you later on next drives.
  3. Thanks @Lakshmi Narasimhan, @Anish S and @Paolo Pellegrini
  4. @Foxtrot Oscar: I love the view and the play area today. Thanks for leading us on the amazing drive. @Vanessa8580, @Veedooshee: Nice to have you both on the drive as usual. By seeing how you climb the dune, encourage me that I don't really need a beast to climb the dunes. See you later on the next drives !
  5. It was another interesting drive today. Thanks @Brette for leading the team. It was my first time to climb the high dune today. Might need to try another 10 times more next time to get better 😀 @Veedooshee, thanks for the wonderful report and encouraging me to try the high dune. May need to learn more about the Pajero trick from you later. Dr. @M.Seidam, nice to have you watching and sweeping us from the back today. Have a nice weekend to you all. See you again on the next drives
  6. As usual, I managed to get refusal several times. It was a good experience so that I could understand my car better. Special thanks to @Vanessa8580 for the Pajero trick. I didn't know before that manual gear, especially gear-1 was very useful for climbing. Nice to catch up again with @TT_Dubai and @Gaurav Soni. And nice to meet you @Zixuan Huang, @Paolo Pellegrini, @Anoop Nair, @Talgat Mendibaev, @Luc Khaldoun, @Shaaz Sha, @Ivan Pironi. Hope to see you all again on the other drives
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