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  1. Thanks @JeromeFJ, it was a wonderful drive. I still need to learn how to handle my Pajero to handle this terrain
  2. Just curious, what is the 7pm challenge? Is it another drive that not included on the weekly drive? or something else?
  3. I have issue with my car. Unfortunately I have to drop. I have removed myself from the list. Hope to see you next opportunity
  4. Thanks for the wonderful report @Looper. You were right, I was very much enjoying the drive at the tail. Not so much to sweep as the convoy was very smooth yesterday. Driving at the back is always my favourite. Thanks @Frederic for the lead. I always enjoy the track that you've chosen. See you again on the next drives
  5. @M.Seidam: I've never driven in the dark before. Is it going to be OK? Or is it going to be too hard for me?
  6. Hi @Vanessa8580: I apologize that I had to drop this one. Felling not good today. Hope to see you on next drive
  7. Can't agree more. This is amazing shot. Thanks @munkybizness
  8. It was a wonderful drive today. Thanks for leading us on the drive today Dr @M.Seidam. I learned a lot today. Not only about the tyre issue, but also how to understand how my car behave during the maneuver Special thanks to all the team for helping with the tyre issue and patience to wait for my car to be recovered. See you again in the sand @M.Seidam, @Adhir Saxena, @Gertjan, @Imteeaz Goolamhossen, @Alexander Holodny, @Anoop Nair, @Davie Chase, @Felix Obst, @Prakash Anoop and @munkybizness
  9. Thanks @Gertjan. What a beautiful picture. Must have been taken by a very talented photographer
  10. Hi @Frederic, I apologize that I woke up too late. Won't able to join this drive
  11. It was a wonderful drive today. Not only the terrain. It became more interesting when @Foxtrot Oscar increased the challenges. Thank you very much @Foxtrot Oscar for leading us. I like your style. You are definitely one of my favorite marshal. Will be happy to join your drives again in the future. Unfortunately my car wasn't healthy today so we had to take a very easy route to the closest exist. I managed to get home anyway. Didn't notice anything serious yet, despite of the alarm and the indicators.. However, I will bring the car to workshop to check further about the transmission. Many thanks too for @Hisham Masaad and @Rawad for guarding us today. The convoy would not be that smooth without you. For the rest of the convoy, thanks for the awesome convoy today. Hope to drive with you again next time.
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