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  1. Thanks a lot everyone...looking forward to seeing you all on the dunes!
  2. Awesome! Now I understand why you are standing in the background like a hawk!
  3. Seems we are only 4...I would rather leave it till next time with a big group. Enjoy it everyone
  4. Hey Shaaz, I couldn't add myslef to the waiting list since I had to take another ride since this was full. Could you keep me in mind in case a spot is free. Thanks
  5. Here you guys, Some of the successful photos that I took in the link below Thanks again Gaurav! Hope you like your pics! https://we.tl/t-LeGXOaHCTc
  6. @Ilyasuper photos...well done...cool job today guys...I will share my photos later today.
  7. @Gaurav you like me this much??? It is an EOS 600D...I have a an 18 to 55mm and a 75 to 300mm zoom Lens...
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