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  1. It’s fine, I’ve joined a personal drive instead on Saturday now, thank you though. Please allow my space to go to another driver. Thanks again
  2. Hi @Ale Vallecchi sorry I must have missed a message. I will give up my place in the waitlist and try and join a drive next week instead. Thank you!
  3. Hi @Ale Vallecchijust to let you know I have had to cancel my wednesday drive so this is now my only waitlist for a drive. thanks
  4. Hi, please can you add me to the waitlist...not sure if the Wednesday all day drive I am doing counts as 1st drive or not. thanks
  5. Really looking forward to this drive! I am not able to disable airbags in the truck but will take it easy on crossovers. See you Friday.
  6. Agreed, great weather and a fun, challenging drive. Thanks as always @Brette and @Russ for guidance. I’ll also upload a couple of photos. See you all soon I hope!
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