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  1. Makes sense. There will likely also be a pyro fuse somewhere for the seatbelt tensioners.
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTa0bLIj2ruE-3_ul_tixIlhmc2eEhvG8tk6kBd7YrkVxRVUD2OQAHu9HuZ2RizI0IPAAN2ab3Kg3xx/pubhtml# you may well have cracked it! It’s in the internal fuse box by the looks of things. I’ll try it Saturday
  3. @Paul Zietsman no F26 doesn’t disable it as far as I can tell. That only does TC, ABS etc. I believe that the fuse that does Airbags is also one of the ECM fuses, so it’s impossible to disable. That leads to a glass ceiling for how far we can push the Ram. That being said, owners of the TRX seem to do fine, so I haven’t been able to figure out what the difference is. I had my bumper done at Machinehead in Al Quoz
  4. Hi Paul, sorry to hear about the drama this morning. I hope it is a relatively easy fix? Regarding the airbags, my main concern isn’t front impact but side/curtain airbags when criss-crossing. The roll of the vehicle from one side to the other could trick the gyro into thinking it’s been a rollover event and therefore deploy the side airbags.
  5. Haha number 1 of 5 today…thanks @Imteeaz
  6. @Rob S I am so impressed! You’ve done so well, keep it up and look forward to seeing you soon
  7. As everyone has said, it was a fantastic drive. The combination of scenic route and a little bit of night driving really added a nice twist. It just goes to show how the desert becomes a different animal after dark! Thanks @Frederic for leading such a great route and @Davie Chase and @topgear for the support.
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